Truck Insurance Agent/Broker Selection Criteria

It has been determined that one of the most difficult things a buyer of truck insurance goes through is how to qualify the insurance broker.   All brokers are not alike and, especially with commercial truck insurance,  the differences can be staggering. 

So what’s a buyer to do ??

It has come to our attention that a recent independent study was done to address this issue.   In that study many areas are covered that deal with learning how to obtain the perfect coverage and pointing out some of the problems with insurance coverage in general but the best takeaway from it certainly is the detailed list of capabilities that a qualified commercial truck insurance broker should be able to do.

This listing solves the problem and all you need to do is inquire from the broker who you may already be using, or plan to use,  if they 1) understand the capabilties you are asking and 2) do actually perform those items.

Check out this link to see the preview of the full study and request it for free.  There is no charge for this vital information which will make your job in qualifying an insurance agent or broker much easier.  Goto: