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Florida Truck Insurance

FL License Number: L082388

Florida Truck Insurance Quote

Commercial trucks are vital to the nation's economy as they log billions of miles crisscrossing the highways and byways in an effort to deliver much-needed goods. Sadly, the liability that comes along with this critical service is almost as large as the number miles driven.

Types of Florida Truck Insurance

While it may seem, at first thought, that getting commercial truck insurance is an easy task, it can actually be a daunting task. Evaluating your business, physical locations, types of vehicles and other risk factors is what we do each and every day. And when we are finished with our comprehensive evaluation, we will be prepared to offer you the best types of coverage for your specific business. Here are 4 types of robust insurance that we might suggest:

  • 1. Dump Truck and Operator Insurance - The complexity and high-risk situations that dump trucks and their drivers work in and around are covered under these exclusive policies. We ensure that your company will be shielded from excessive financial loss no matter the situation.
  • 2. Cargo Insurance - In order to minimize the risk to companies that transport freight and cargo, proper coverage must be in place. This type of policy typically applies in situations when cargo is damaged or lost. We work to first understand the nature of what you transport before ever recommending a policy. By doing this, we can make sure that your assets will be covered, no matter what happens with the load.
  • 3. Workers Compensation Insurance - Employee risk can be high, no matter if they are actually driving a commercial truck or not. We offer additional policies so that you can help those working in your company to feel fully protected.
  • 4. Liability Insurance - Possibly one of the most important types of coverage, liability insurance safeguards your company's interests, no matter what. Make sure that financial calamity cannot reach what you've built by insisting on coverage of more than just vehicles. Our varying levels of liability insurance are built to do just that and offer the maximum amount of protection to you.

Reach Out and Find Out

It is truly impossible to put a value on peace-of- mind, or on a business that you may have spent years building. Reach out to us at 1-800- 937-8785 or by filling out this simple online form. Our agents are committed to walking you through the process, gathering necessary information and explaining which types of coverage will be of the most benefit for your protection. Florida License # L082388.

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