Easy Steps for Starting an Auto Hauling Business

Many people dream of starting their own business. In the modern era, business opportunities can appear around every corner, particularly in the commercial transport industry. Imagine starting your own Auto Transporter business – a business that is in demand for vehicle owners who need their autos transported across town or across the country. If this … Continue reading “Easy Steps for Starting an Auto Hauling Business”

Refrigerated Truck Insurance 101

Representing over $7 billion in economic value each year in the United States alone, refrigerated trucks are essential to the transportation industry. These trucks, colloquially known as “reefers”, transport millions of tons of perishable items per year, including food products, medicines, and temperature-controlled cargoes. With over 500,000 refrigerated trailers operating on U.S. roadways, protecting those … Continue reading “Refrigerated Truck Insurance 101”

Insurance Requirements for Household Moving Trucks

Moving companies are responsible for safely packing and transporting household goods from one location to another. During the moving process, household moving companies are exposed to a wide range of risks. Companies are not only responsible for their vehicles and drivers, but also the personal belongings they are transporting. Household goods mover insurance is designed … Continue reading “Insurance Requirements for Household Moving Trucks”

What is Intermodal Insurance & Who Needs It?

The commercial transportation industry is comprised of many parts, each with its own unique contribution to world economies. Freight carriers are an essential component of global commerce, bringing goods from manufacturing and production centers to retail establishments. What if a freight carrier uses more than one transportation method – how is cargo protected? Intermodal insurance … Continue reading “What is Intermodal Insurance & Who Needs It?”

Will Higher Insurance Premiums be Required for the Trucking Industry?

Trucking insurance is a foundation element of risk management in the commercial transportation industry. This valuable insurance protects company assets, vehicles, and cargos from losses. Unfortunately, premium costs have grown in recent years, and recent proposals to federal rule changes could cause price increases. The Biden Administration has been exploring an increase to minimum liability … Continue reading “Will Higher Insurance Premiums be Required for the Trucking Industry?”

What Does the Biden Administration Mean for DoT?

The United States Department of Transportation (US DoT) has undergone many changes over its history. As old Presidential administrations depart, they leave their stamp on the agency tasked with overseeing America’s federal roadways and transportation systems. New administrations often bring with them new priorities for the agency. With the confirmation of Peter Buttigieg as the … Continue reading “What Does the Biden Administration Mean for DoT?”

How Truckers Can Avoid Hefty Insurance Claims

Commercial truckers always operate with an element of risk in their daily routes. Whether it’s a quick load drop-off or a cross-country trip, the liabilities related to costly accidents and injuries are still the same. In fact, every 15 minutes, a person is killed or seriously injured in an accident caused by trucks, accumulating to … Continue reading “How Truckers Can Avoid Hefty Insurance Claims”

Winter Safety Considerations for Truckers

Driving a truck in severe winter conditions demands a particular set of skills and awareness that all professional truck drivers need. With one in every four vehicle accidents in the United States being weather-related, truck drivers need to prepare the wintry road ahead to limit these risks. From adapting your driving style on snowy and icy … Continue reading “Winter Safety Considerations for Truckers”

Long Weekend Cargo Security for Truckers

Trucking cargo theft usually occurs with greater frequency over long weekends when trucks and facilities are unoccupied or minimally staffed. Specifically, the 2020 holiday season comes after a third quarter where thefts saw a 23-percent year-over-year rise from 2019, including 223 cargo thefts with an average loss of $151,452. All this loss, totaling nearly $34 … Continue reading “Long Weekend Cargo Security for Truckers”

The Importance of Truck Maintenance Schedules

Maintenance of a fleet of commercial trucks is of the utmost importance in a transportation company. Both company fleets and driver-owned trucks experience neglect due to scheduling conflicts and increased demand for transporting products and services. However, any time spent repairing a truck and keeping up with regular maintenance far outweighs the potential for costly, … Continue reading “The Importance of Truck Maintenance Schedules”