Trucking Insurance: Reducing Premiums

Trucking insurance premiums are a significant expense for trucking companies, especially for smaller fleets looking to keep their head above water in such a volatile industry. Regardless of how clean a truck driver’s record is, commercial trucking insurance continues to increase for owner-operators. Unfortunately, commercial truck insurance is not one of the business expenses that … Continue reading “Trucking Insurance: Reducing Premiums”

The Differences Between Workers’ Comp and Occupational Accident Insurance

Many companies have heard of workers’ compensation insurance, mostly because it’s necessary to have per state laws. But what about occupational accident insurance? Essentially, workers’ compensation insurance provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees, whereas occupational accident insurance provides similar coverage, but for independent contractors. And since independent truckers make up a sizeable amount … Continue reading “The Differences Between Workers’ Comp and Occupational Accident Insurance”

Ensuring Independent Truckers are Protected

Across the board, knowledgeable trucking companies know they need to operate with general, auto, and cargo liability insurance, physical damage, and worker’s compensation insurance to protect their employed drivers. However, regulations and requirements get a little hazy when talking about insuring independent contractor truckers. While independent truckers aren’t classified as W2 employees, that doesn’t mean … Continue reading “Ensuring Independent Truckers are Protected”

Involved in a Trucking Accident? Follow These Steps

Every 15 minutes in the United States, someone is killed or seriously injured due to a trucking accident. In fact, according to trucking accident statistics, around 500,000 trucking incidents occur each year in the United States, with about 5,000 per year resulting in death. Step-by-Step After a Truck Accident For truck drivers involved in an … Continue reading “Involved in a Trucking Accident? Follow These Steps”

Poor Trucking Maintenance & Accidents

Collisions with large trucks on the road typically result in major injuries and even death. And with the rise in trucking accidents in recent years, it’s important to look at the factors that are creating this issue. Large truck accidents have many different potential causes. Driver error may play a part, but the main issues relate … Continue reading “Poor Trucking Maintenance & Accidents”

Covid-19 FMCSA Updates

Amid all the confusion and new questions surrounding the wide-reaching effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, truck drivers and trucking operations as a whole have still been moving along, completing their tasks and moving goods around the country. But while business may seem as it usually has been, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been … Continue reading “Covid-19 FMCSA Updates”

California Truckers and Teamsters Appeal to Ninth Circuit After Ruling

The trucking industry in California has been caught up in a whirlwind of legal battles in the last few months as new legislation has been proposed, passed, and protested around the classification of workers in the industry. Everyone from truck drivers to dock workers to independent contractors are all involved as the state’s new AB5 … Continue reading “California Truckers and Teamsters Appeal to Ninth Circuit After Ruling”

Truck Parking Safety Tips

For truck drivers, finding available and safe parking on the road has been a problem for as long as trucking has been a service. Now, the issue has grown as the rise of e-commerce has put more trucks on the road. But, just as many states across the country have closed down rest areas due … Continue reading “Truck Parking Safety Tips”

California and Other States Aim to Move to Zero-Emission Trucks

California is leading the charge to enhance public health and move forward more quickly with the transition to cleaner transportation. Along with seven other states, California is committing to develop a plan to put hundreds of thousands of zero-emission trucks and public buses on the road throughout the state. The California Air Resources Board, in … Continue reading “California and Other States Aim to Move to Zero-Emission Trucks”

Trucking by the Numbers: Cargo Theft, Operational Costs, and More

The trucking industry has seen a seismic change in everything from day-to-day operations, technology, and operational costs, causing operators in the industry to have to review their goals, needs, and finances. With a new year upon us, it’s important to look at the outlook of the industry and see how companies need to adjust heading … Continue reading “Trucking by the Numbers: Cargo Theft, Operational Costs, and More”