DOT Promotes Flexibility in Trucking Hours to Maintain Trucker Safety

In a recently released memo, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) detailed final rules updating the hours of service to increase safety on roadways by updating existing regulations for commercial truck drivers. The need for this change has come about due to the disruption in the nation’s trucking supply chain … Continue reading “DOT Promotes Flexibility in Trucking Hours to Maintain Trucker Safety”

Truckers: CDC-Recommended Guidance for Safety

As cities and states continue to take measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 this summer, CDC guidelines for truckers have been released. Since the virus hit, the roads and highways around us have stayed relatively quiet. Normally gridlocked roads in places like Chicago, D.C., and Los Angeles have seen much better traffic in recent … Continue reading “Truckers: CDC-Recommended Guidance for Safety”

Navigating Trucker Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 not only affected our sense of safety and the health of people around the globe but also the world’s economy and all the operations within it as well. From local businesses to global companies, the coronavirus outbreak has disrupted how we all live. One way it affected our daily living and … Continue reading “Navigating Trucker Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Improving Sleep Schedules for Truckers

With a surge in online shopping and e-commerce in the past decade, the trucking industry has seen major growth. But with more work and more trucks on the road, the potential for more accidents, injuries, and deaths has also seen a rise. As online orders need to be fulfilled and a day’s work can extend … Continue reading “Improving Sleep Schedules for Truckers”

The Benefits of Roadside Assistance

As a trucking professional, you have a lot on your schedule every day. From picking up hauls and dropping them off on time to taking care of your mind and body while on the road, the last thing you want to worry about is the potential breakdown or dead battery. Even the slightest hiccup in … Continue reading “The Benefits of Roadside Assistance”

What Truck Drivers Can Do to Improve Their Sleeping Habits

Being a truck driver comes with a lot of perks. From being your own boss to hitting the open road and seeing the country from a unique perspective, being a trucking professional can be ideal for someone looking for a little freedom. But it’s not without its own unique issues, like having to operate a … Continue reading “What Truck Drivers Can Do to Improve Their Sleeping Habits”

What to Do if Your Truck Breaks Down Mid-Journey

For truck drivers, there are few things more frustrating than going through a breakdown on the road, especially in the winter. What’s more, truck drivers operate on a tight schedule, having to drop off and pick up their cargo, and try to get back home for some much-needed personal and family time. So, any form … Continue reading “What to Do if Your Truck Breaks Down Mid-Journey”

How to Stay Warm When Trucking in the Winter

Winter is well on its way and has even settled in in some parts of the country. Major snowstorms can back up traffic, alter travel plans, delay freight shipments, and, at the very least, make people very uncomfortable. For truck drivers hauling loads on the highway, trying to stay warm can be a struggle when … Continue reading “How to Stay Warm When Trucking in the Winter”

Tips for Truck Drivers to Stay Healthy on the Road

For trucking professionals who spend hours and days on end traveling across the American highway systems, being away from home, their family, and a regular routine can all blend together to create an unhealthy lifestyle. Poor diet, lack of sleep, isolation, and the demanding nature of their job can wreak havoc on their bodies, minds, … Continue reading “Tips for Truck Drivers to Stay Healthy on the Road”

Trucking Through the Mountains? Make Sure to Practice Safe Driving

Anyone getting behind the wheel of a big rig, no matter if they’re a seasoned trucking veteran or a newbie on the road, needs to be on their guard when driving through mountain ranges of any kind. From slick roads to low visibility to other dangers like falling rocks, there are plenty of risks waiting … Continue reading “Trucking Through the Mountains? Make Sure to Practice Safe Driving”