Why You Shouldn’t Take a Statement from Your Driver After an Accident

With millions of miles traveled each year in the United States alone, it is inevitable that vehicle collisions involving commercial trucks occur. After an accident, trucking companies often rush to obtain a statement from the driver as a means of gaining understanding about the factors leading to a crash. Unfortunately, driver statements can often come … Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Take a Statement from Your Driver After an Accident”

Your Preventability Program & Potential for Admitting Fault

Preventability programs are a cornerstone of risk management in the commercial trucking industry. Coupled with trucking insurance and safety-oriented operational approaches, these programs can help reduce the likelihood of a serious crash, potentially saving thousands or even millions of dollars in expenses for trucking companies. Even with their benefits, however, preventability programs – particularly regarding … Continue reading “Your Preventability Program & Potential for Admitting Fault”

Truck Driver Jobs Site Facilitates Employment Connections for Free

The commercial trucking industry faces many challenges. One of the primary challenges is in staffing, or finding qualified drivers to keep operations running smoothly. Now, a newly updated website promises to facilitate the job search process for truckers. As a risk management step that supports trucking insurance, the website can help trucking companies overcome one … Continue reading “Truck Driver Jobs Site Facilitates Employment Connections for Free”

Crude Oil Price Increase Leads to More Expensive Diesel Fuel

The commercial trucking industry has faced many hurdles over the past two years. In an industry filled with myriad logistical, liability, and operational risks, fuel pricing is one that has the potential to upend business operations. Latent demand for crude oil as world economies reemerge from their pandemic lockdowns has caused oil prices to climb; … Continue reading “Crude Oil Price Increase Leads to More Expensive Diesel Fuel”

Gas Shortages Predicted Summer 2021

It is no secret that the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has created significant economic hurdles felt across industries. The commercial trucking sector, deemed essential for transporting medical supplies and consumer goods, fared better than most but still faced driver shortages, supply chain interruptions, and economic downturns. The role of trucking insurance in protecting against business-related … Continue reading “Gas Shortages Predicted Summer 2021”

How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact the Trucking Industry?

Self-driven or autonomous vehicles have been a staple of science fiction since the early part of the 20th century. Today, advances in technology have brought autonomous vehicles to life. In the commercial trucking sector, these autonomous vehicles have the potential to forever change the industry. Will those changes be positive, or will the impacts of … Continue reading “How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact the Trucking Industry?”

Insurance Requirements for Tow Truck Operators

Tow truck operators perform valuable services, especially when motorists break down at the side of the road or become stranded in severe weather. Operators of these vehicles face unique risks in the commercial transportation industry; the tow truck and business assets as well as the property of others can incur expensive losses. Tow truck insurance … Continue reading “Insurance Requirements for Tow Truck Operators”

Exploring Trucking Improvements and Equipment For Tax Purposes

Advantageous tax strategies are an important aspect of the modern business environment. In the trucking industry, many factors can influence tax liabilities each year. The question of allowing certain big-ticket infrastructure expenses – trucking improvements, replacements, rebuilds, and extensive repairs – to depreciate or not creates its own set of challenges. Just as trucking insurance … Continue reading “Exploring Trucking Improvements and Equipment For Tax Purposes”

Freight Demand & Concerns On the Rise

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 on the commercial trucking industry, freight levels have continued to outpace expectations. There are many factors that have reversed low consumer demands in the early part of 2020, and by the end of the year, the commercial transportation industry was nearly back to pre-pandemic levels. Still, challenges remain, and … Continue reading “Freight Demand & Concerns On the Rise”

Year-Round Cargo Theft Prevention Techniques

As the coronavirus pandemic continues its hold on the American economy, trucking companies are experiencing a new challenge: a rise in cargo thefts. While cargo thefts have long been a part of commercial truck shipping, the increase in recent months has been attributed to desperation on the part of criminals facing economic hardships. Trucking insurance … Continue reading “Year-Round Cargo Theft Prevention Techniques”