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Arizona Commercial Truck Insurance

AZ License Number: 18453

Arizona Truck Insurance Quote

Anyone involved in the competitive world of commercial trucking knows to expect the unexpected. From accidents and bad weather to shifting loads or equipment breakdowns, keeping up with the unexpected can be a daunting task.

Whether yours is a fleet hauling reefers, flatbeds, or tankers, the facts remain the same. One accident or breakdown has the potential of ruining everything that you have worked to build. Having the right type of insurance on your fleet is critical to your ongoing success, and to the success of your entire operation.

The Importance of Understanding your Insurance

Making sure that you understand what your commercial truck insurance covers is critically important to your livelihood. Knowing that your Arizona truck insurance is robust enough to keep you fully protected means that you can spend your time and mental energies focusing on growing your business instead of worrying. Here are a few terms that are helpful to understand with relation to your insurance:

  • Cargo Insurance – This type of insurance is meant to cover whatever your truck is carrying. Anything that gets damaged during the transportation process is typically covered under this type of insurance.
  • Liability Clause – This type of insurance covers any injuries or damage that your drivers may cause to automobiles, property,. or people.
  • Bobtail Insurance – Should a driver complete a delivery and have an accident on the way home, this type of insurance would cover the damage.
  • Physical Damage Insurance – Making repairs to your fleet of vehicles can be expensive. However, if the repairs are needed because the vehicle was damaged by an accident, by weather or by someone’s negligent actions, this type of insurance will cover the cost of the repairs.
  • Reefer Insurance – Should you find that your reefer stopped working and caused damage to a load, this type of insurance would cover the cost of those damages.

Get Experienced Advice

The best way to make sure that you have adequate insurance for your commercial trucking business is to take time to speak with our experienced, fully licensed Western Truck agents. Our goal is to help you truly understand what is needed to protect what you have built. We have been assisting owners of commercial fleets since 1954. Simply fill out our convenient online contact form or give us a call at 1-800-937-8785. One of our agents will be happy to speak with you about the importance and different types of Arizona commercial truck insurance that will benefit your company. Arizona license Number: 18453.

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