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Bonds & Workers Compensation Insurance

Get a Bonds or Workers Compensation Insurance Quote today.

Bonds, for fuel taxes and motor carrier authority, are frequently required by trucking firms. Western Truck Insurance can place your bond needs quickly. Custom bonds, performance bonds, and other bonding demands are readily available.

Commercial General Liability and Property Coverages round off the complete business owners insurance protection. In this area, Western Truck Insurance understands the right questions to ask making sure the coverages are appropriate. In some cases very detailed coverage additions are required.

Pollution Liability & Hazardous Materials insurance is also available through Western Truck Insurance. Western Truck Insurance works closely with the insurance company underwriters in this area to make sure proper coverage is provided and not more coverage than is needed

Workers Compensation
If you employ workers, then it is mandated by the Government that you maintain a policy of workers compensation in force for your employees. This insurance protects you against your liability to your workers for their injuries sustained while on the job.

A social requirement, this insurance policy actually protects the employee and his/her ability to create future earnings to support themselves and their family.

An adjunct to workers compensation, designed for the independent trucker, is the Occupational and Accident Injury policy. This policy provides coverage for the independent who does not have the protection of workers compensation. Offering medical insurance, life insurance, and disability protection, while operating equipment, the OCC/ACC policy provides peace of mind for the independent trucker.

Truck Insurance Products Offered

Truck Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Dump Truck Insurance

Bonds and Worker's Compensation Insurance

Transportation Operations Insurance

Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance

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