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Western Truck Insurance F.A.Q's

  1. Q: I am just starting my business; what coverages do I need? A: The following coverage's are the most common for Trucking and Transportation:
    Commercial Auto Liability
    $1000 deductible
    Physical Damage Coverage
    Motor Truck Cargo
    $1000 deductible
    Non-Owned Trailer Coverage
  2. Q: I am planning on operating nationwide (48 states). What permits will I need?

    A: FMCSA MC Authority with a DOT number. Truck registration requires IRP, Single State Registration (SSRS) and IFTA. Depending upon which states you operate in, there may be individual state permits needed also.

  3. Q: What are the benefits of purchasing insurance with Western Truck Insurance Services?

    A: Western Truck Insurance Services is a specialist in the truck and transportation insurance industry. We have the excellent relationships with the major insurers in this business. We proudly maintain strong values of high ethical standards, commitment to caring about the success of our clients and insurers, and honesty. We can boast over 125 years of experience in this insurance industry.

  4. Q: How large is the Insurance network in which Western Truck Insurance works in?

    A: Western Truck Insurance works with over 20 different companies to find the best possible price and coverage for you; getting the job done right the first time.

  5. Q: What various methods of payment are accepted?

    A: We accept payment by personal check, Comcheck, Visa/Mastercard and American Express, Western Union and any other method you might Propose that we can accommodate. Further, we can take your check by Fax and you can make payments directly online via the internet.

  6. Q: It is possible to obtain insurance with a DUI or a "not so good" driving record?

    A: YES. We make every effort to build the proper policy for just about any Driver. In some cases, however, the premium can get too high and we will spend the proper consultation time to make sure the economics make sense.

  7. Q: Can you help me obtain the required permits and licenses to operate?

    YES. For very small fees we can obtain all the permits and truck licensing you will require; including hazardous and special permits.

  8. Q: Does Western Truck Insurance charge a fee for any changes or certificates?

    A: Western Truck Insurance does not charge for the processing of any policy changes or certificates nor do we believe ANY other broker should charge for that service.

  9. Q: What does the term "unidentified trailer coverage" mean?

    A: Any trailer, while attached to your tractor, which is NOT owned, or long term leased, by you.

  10. Q: Am I able to terminate my policy without penalty? Will it affect my credit?

    A: Yes you can cancel your policy at any time. You should check with your agent to make sure there aren't any cancellation penalties. Most truck insurance policies utilize an outside billing company (Premium Finance) and an early cancel request in that case will have no cancel penalties. Cancellation will NOT affect your credit. You are, however, expected to pay all premiums that have accrued to your account.

  11. Q: How long will a claim affect my premium?

    A: For approximately three years.

  12. Q: If the circumstances arise that I will be traveling outside of my normal operating radius, what should I do?

    A: Please give Western Truck Insurance a call once you know the destination and how long you will be out of your normal radius and an exception can usually be granted by the insurer.

  13. Q: What is the difference between "pro-rate" and "short-rate"?

    A: Pro-rate means you will only be paying for the days actually insured. Short-rate occurs when the insurance company charges you for the days insured plus a percentage for the early cancellation. See question #10.

  14. Q: What are some of the problems with the Motor Truck Cargo policy?

    A: Motor truck cargo policies are not the same between the different insurance companies. Certain target commodities, like electronics and wearing apparel, may be totally excluded or only partially covered. Other conditions may exist, like leaving the truck loaded and unattended, where the coverage is excluded altogether. It is essential that you discuss these issues with your agent BEFORE you purchase any motor truck cargo policy.

  15. Q: If I were to relocate to another state, would I have to cancel and rewrite?

    A: That will depend upon which insurance company you are insured through. Some policies can be transferred. Please notify us as soon as you can.

  16. Q: What are the requirements to be able to remove a truck from my policy?

    A: If you have permits with insurance filings, you generally have to sell or transfer that vehicle out of your name. In some cases a DMV non-operational certificate will work.

  17. Q: How soon can I expect my filings to be completed?

    A: Generally, permit filings are done by the insurance company the next business day. The Federal (FMCSA) filings are done online and updated immediately while some States can take as long as 3 weeks to process.

  18. Q: Are tow bills covered under my insurance policy?

    A: Generally the answer to this question is YES; assuming, of course, they are related to an accident and not a mechanical failure.

  19. Q: Can I obtain coverage for my personal items inside my truck ?

    A: Yes. Many of the insurers have an option to include coverage for these items. It is done through the physical damage coverage

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