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Oregon Truck Insurance

Oregon license number: 100157150

Oregon Truck Insurance Quote

A Full Menu of Oregon Commercial Truck Insurance Options

Trucking and logistics companies, as well as individual owner-operators, face a unique range of challenges every day. Those include various kinds of risks such as lost or damaged cargo, vehicular accidents, personal injuries, fines and litigation costs. We know that Oregon commercial truck insurance isn’t a straightforward affair, so you need detailed expertise to help you select the right indemnity solutions. We have an expansive menu of coverage options and are ready to put together a customized package to meet your company’s needs.

Every Policy Package Needs a Strong Foundation

While each transportation company has a unique set of risks, each policy package we create for our clients starts with a solid foundation. For most customers, this includes truck liability coverage that applies to injuries and property damage resulting from fleet vehicle accidents. Moreover, we offer general liability products to address claims from situations that are not accident-related:

  • Losses resulting from a breach of contract
  • Property damage or injuries from use of your products and services
  • Incidents occurring on your company’s premises

In addition to these liability products, we offer transportation operations coverage for firms that offer less than truckload (LTL), pickup and delivery (P&D), intermodal and dump truck services.

Exceptional Worker’s Compensation and Bond Coverage

Worker’s compensation protections are required by state laws, but it’s also a sound strategy to safeguard your future. We provide custom-tailored worker’s comp solutions for your business, designed to shield both you and your workers. Furthermore, our US Customs and performance bonds are also readily available.

Additional Policies for Specialized Needs and Situations

Besides our liability, transportations operations, worker’s comp and bond products, we also offer many kinds of policy additions to complete your company’s indemnity solution. These include advanced protection with our hazardous materials and pollution liability insurance. Other products are also available for inclusion in your total package:

  • Dump truck coverage
  • Motor truck cargo policies
  • Commercial truck roadside assistance

Trust Us for Your Personalized Truck Insurance Solution

For over 60 years, we’ve provided superior-grade indemnity solutions for clients in the trucking, logistics, and intermodal transport industries. Why not put our expertise to work for your firm? We have a menu of options available for every kind of risk picture, so count on us to craft the right Oregon commercial truck insurance solution for your business. Our insurance professionals can answer your questions and provide you with a personalized quote, acting in the state under license number 100157150.

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