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Your Arkansas Commercial Truck Insurance Solution

Risk management strategies for your business can be incredibly complex, especially if you employ commercial vehicles in any part of your operations. Whether you’re a logistics firm, a moving company or have a vehicle fleet, you need some sort of protection against major financial losses. Thankfully, we can help with a wide range of Arkansas truck insurance options custom- tailored for nearly any aspect of your business.

Worker’s Compensation Coverage

One of your most importance resources is your labor pool, and on-the- job injuries can lead to economic setbacks for both your employees and your bottom line. When deciding on your risk shielding options, you need to think beyond the mere legal requirements to carry worker’s compensation policies. Our insurance specialists can recommend an ideal solution for your company, tooled specifically to meet your firm’s unique conditions.

Liability Options for Your Firm

In addition to coverage for your workforce, you also need protection from damages caused by your vehicles. That’s where our liability options come into the picture. Typically, most enterprises will need some combination of these products:

  • Truck-specific liability, which addresses the costs from accidents involving company-owned vehicles
  • General liability products, which deal with damages resulting your firm’s products and services, activities on your property or other exposures.

Because securing your future is also important to us, our trained insurance professionals are ready to recommend specific combinations and coverages for your enterprise.

Specialized Bonds and Add-Ons

Along with standard liability products, your firm may need other exclusive products to close some potentially costly loopholes. Motor truck cargo options handle claims from lost or damaged freight, so you can carry your clients’ goods and valuables while having the assurance that you can reimburse them for any contingencies. You may also require Pollution Liability & Hazardous Materials additions to comply with regulations and shield yourself from potentially exorbitant claims. Besides these products, we also provide other vital types of indemnification:

  • Dump truck insurance policies
  • Commercial general liability
  • Commercial roadside assistance
  • Commercial property coverage

Stay Profitable and Protected

You can’t predict every potential problem your business might face, but you can have the most optimal hedging in place to ward off large monetary losses. Trust our group of insurance experts to understand your needs and craft a distinctive solution perfect for your enterprise. Contact us today to get your questions answered or to receive a quote. We act in the state of Arkansas registered under state license number 416990.