Overcoming Supply Chain Issues in Trucking (Part 1)

The ongoing global health crisis caused major upsets in the supply chain. These issues continue to affect the economy as suppliers and transportation companies alike try to find a viable resolution. While there are several key contributing factors to the problem that requires a complex solution to fix, one of the most important is the … Continue reading “Overcoming Supply Chain Issues in Trucking (Part 1)”

How Will the Truck Driver Shortage Impact Holiday Shopping?

The truck driver shortage looks to complicate scheduling and deliveries well past the holiday shopping season. While there are a lot of truckers on the roadways moving goods, the problems from supply chain issues and increases in consumer demand are putting more strain on a seriously backlogged system. Truckers are already working long hours to … Continue reading “How Will the Truck Driver Shortage Impact Holiday Shopping?”

American Truck Driver Shortage Exceeds 80,000

A confluence of factors is exacerbating the current truck driver shortage causing major headaches for trucking companies and businesses across America. The situation is so concerning, industry experts are grappling to find solutions to this increasingly complicated matter. The reality is this problem has been rearing its head over the last decade and issues with … Continue reading “American Truck Driver Shortage Exceeds 80,000”

Addressing & Preventing Trucking Crime (Part 2)

Personal Attacks Though uncommon, truckers are sometimes subject to personal attacks and muggings. These crimes are often committed with the intent to rob a trucker of their personal belongings, including any cash or valuables that they may have with them. When such crimes happen, they often take place at truck stops and other rest areas … Continue reading “Addressing & Preventing Trucking Crime (Part 2)”

Addressing & Preventing Trucking Crime (Part 1)

Trucking might not seem like a particularly dangerous job, but crimes targeting truckers may be on the rise in recent years. These crimes vary in nature from violent attacks to theft of cargo, and even the most safety-conscious driver can become a victim. That’s why it’s important to learn about crime prevention for truckers. Crime … Continue reading “Addressing & Preventing Trucking Crime (Part 1)”

Steps to Take After a Truck Accident (Part 1)

Trucking accidents are very serious situations and can often involve significant injuries to all parties involved. While the initial response should be to ensure the safety and medical treatment of everyone on the scene, the aftermath and legal consequences of the incident require careful attention. Whether or not the driver of the truck is at … Continue reading “Steps to Take After a Truck Accident (Part 1)”

Tips for Reducing Trucking Costs (Part 2)

As a risk management approach that includes truck insurance and safety-oriented operating practices, fleet owners know that controlling expenses is the key to survival in a competitive marketplace. In the first part of our two-part series on reducing trucking costs, we introduced common expenses, then discussed several critical components of cost management. In this second … Continue reading “Tips for Reducing Trucking Costs (Part 2)”

Tips for Reducing Trucking Costs (Part 1)

Fleet owners in the commercial trucking industry know that overhead expenses are some of the greatest operational risks. Controlling these costs is management’s directive. In this first part of a two-part series, we will explore ways trucking companies can manage their monthly and annual expenses, helping to position them for long-term success. Common Costs in … Continue reading “Tips for Reducing Trucking Costs (Part 1)”