President Biden to Rescind Trump’s DOL Classification Laws

The trucking industry faces numerous regulatory challenges as it conducts daily operations to move cargo across the country. Many of these regulations are designed to establish safety standards, while others focus on employment-related aspects of the transportation sector. During the Trump Administration, rules governing worker classifications were adopted; under the new Biden Administration, two of … Continue reading “President Biden to Rescind Trump’s DOL Classification Laws”

Gas Shortages Predicted Summer 2021

It is no secret that the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has created significant economic hurdles felt across industries. The commercial trucking sector, deemed essential for transporting medical supplies and consumer goods, fared better than most but still faced driver shortages, supply chain interruptions, and economic downturns. The role of trucking insurance in protecting against business-related … Continue reading “Gas Shortages Predicted Summer 2021”

What is Intermodal Insurance & Who Needs It?

The commercial transportation industry is comprised of many parts, each with its own unique contribution to world economies. Freight carriers are an essential component of global commerce, bringing goods from manufacturing and production centers to retail establishments. What if a freight carrier uses more than one transportation method – how is cargo protected? Intermodal insurance … Continue reading “What is Intermodal Insurance & Who Needs It?”

FMCSA Extends Emergency Declarations Again

In the wake of the continuing economic hardships imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that it is extending its emergency declaration to provide regulatory relief for truckers involved in essential transportation assistance efforts. The commercial transportation industry has been essential during recovery efforts and has been instrumental in keeping … Continue reading “FMCSA Extends Emergency Declarations Again”

Congress Further Considers Apprenticeship Program for Prospective Drivers Under 21

The trucking industry has experienced outsized effects during the coronavirus pandemic. Deemed essential workers, yet at a higher risk of contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus due to their interactions with others, the trucking sector has been at a crossroads. Higher freight demands and thousands of truckers out of work due to illness have complicated … Continue reading “Congress Further Considers Apprenticeship Program for Prospective Drivers Under 21”

How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact the Trucking Industry?

Self-driven or autonomous vehicles have been a staple of science fiction since the early part of the 20th century. Today, advances in technology have brought autonomous vehicles to life. In the commercial trucking sector, these autonomous vehicles have the potential to forever change the industry. Will those changes be positive, or will the impacts of … Continue reading “How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact the Trucking Industry?”

Dump Truck Operator Safety

Dump trucks perform essential functions in the transportation industry. Dump trucks and their operators may be called upon to provide their services for the construction, land clearing, agricultural, and landfill sectors. As such, dump truck operators face many operational risks. Dump truck insurance is a foundational component of risk management for operators and truck owners. … Continue reading “Dump Truck Operator Safety”

Insurance Requirements for Tow Truck Operators

Tow truck operators perform valuable services, especially when motorists break down at the side of the road or become stranded in severe weather. Operators of these vehicles face unique risks in the commercial transportation industry; the tow truck and business assets as well as the property of others can incur expensive losses. Tow truck insurance … Continue reading “Insurance Requirements for Tow Truck Operators”

Exploring Trucking Improvements and Equipment For Tax Purposes

Advantageous tax strategies are an important aspect of the modern business environment. In the trucking industry, many factors can influence tax liabilities each year. The question of allowing certain big-ticket infrastructure expenses – trucking improvements, replacements, rebuilds, and extensive repairs – to depreciate or not creates its own set of challenges. Just as trucking insurance … Continue reading “Exploring Trucking Improvements and Equipment For Tax Purposes”

Will Higher Insurance Premiums be Required for the Trucking Industry?

Trucking insurance is a foundation element of risk management in the commercial transportation industry. This valuable insurance protects company assets, vehicles, and cargos from losses. Unfortunately, premium costs have grown in recent years, and recent proposals to federal rule changes could cause price increases. The Biden Administration has been exploring an increase to minimum liability … Continue reading “Will Higher Insurance Premiums be Required for the Trucking Industry?”