Minimum Wage Increases on January 1st, 2021

A new year means new changes for minimum wage laws throughout the United States. From state to state, employers are facing updates to minimum wage increases that may affect their employee base. In California, where more than 137,000 trucking companies (most of them small) operate, trucking companies are following their own changes that took effect … Continue reading “Minimum Wage Increases on January 1st, 2021”

Long Weekend Cargo Security for Truckers

Trucking cargo theft usually occurs with greater frequency over long weekends when trucks and facilities are unoccupied or minimally staffed. Specifically, the 2020 holiday season comes after a third quarter where thefts saw a 23-percent year-over-year rise from 2019, including 223 cargo thefts with an average loss of $151,452. All this loss, totaling nearly $34 … Continue reading “Long Weekend Cargo Security for Truckers”

AB-5 Ruling Update in People vs. Superior Court of Los Angeles

One of the lawsuits challenging the contentious AB-5 bill in California, which includes an unpopular ABC test for drivers in the trucking industry, suffered a significant blowback in the California Court of Appeals. On November 19, the Court of Appeals reversed the earlier trial court decision in the People v. Cal Cartage Transportation Express, LLC, … Continue reading “AB-5 Ruling Update in People vs. Superior Court of Los Angeles”

The Importance of Truck Maintenance Schedules

Maintenance of a fleet of commercial trucks is of the utmost importance in a transportation company. Both company fleets and driver-owned trucks experience neglect due to scheduling conflicts and increased demand for transporting products and services. However, any time spent repairing a truck and keeping up with regular maintenance far outweighs the potential for costly, … Continue reading “The Importance of Truck Maintenance Schedules”

How Will Biden’s Administration Affect Emissions Standards & Autonomous Vehicles?

  Under the current Trump administration, the federal auto emission standards set by the Obama White House were all but stripped away, calling for only a 1.5-percent increase in carbon emissions standards per year through 2026, a significant slowdown in regulation compared to the five-percent yearly increase that came before it. But with a Biden-Harris … Continue reading “How Will Biden’s Administration Affect Emissions Standards & Autonomous Vehicles?”

A Detailed Look at FMCSA Initiatives for the Remainder of 2020

This year, the trucking industry has gone through significant disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry has faced unprecedented issues from the ongoing driver shortage to driver health and higher demand for products in response to people staying indoors. In response to these novel times, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implemented several … Continue reading “A Detailed Look at FMCSA Initiatives for the Remainder of 2020”

Trucker Shortage & Insurance Rank Highest Industry Concerns

For the fourth consecutive year, the ongoing truck driver shortage was the top issue among the trucking industry, according to the American Transportation Research Institute’s Top Industry Issues list. This issue ranks as a top concern as there is a shortage of 61,000 truckers in the sector and has been hit hard by the coronavirus. … Continue reading “Trucker Shortage & Insurance Rank Highest Industry Concerns”