The Importance of Small Trucking Fleets in Freight Transportation

The trucking industry is responsible for moving 72.5% of our country’s freight. Small trucking fleets, characterized by six or fewer vehicles, are responsible for handling 91.5% of this freight, demonstrating the significant role they play in the movement of goods across the country. Following are several reasons why we rely on small trucking fleets to … Continue reading “The Importance of Small Trucking Fleets in Freight Transportation”

DOT-Compliant Vehicle Inspections: Part I

Over the next few articles, we will review vehicle inspection requirements for commercial trucks as required and endorsed by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). In this article, we will review daily vehicle inspections. Drivers must conduct inspections at the beginning and end of each shift and on each … Continue reading “DOT-Compliant Vehicle Inspections: Part I”

How DOT Inspections Are Used for Insurance Underwriting

Information collected about a transportation carrier during a routine inspection at weigh stations is posted and kept on the Department of Transportation (DOT) website and available to the public. Insurance company underwriters utilize this data when evaluating a risk and determining account acceptability and pricing. Why Are DOT Inspections and Compliance So Crucial for Insurance … Continue reading “How DOT Inspections Are Used for Insurance Underwriting”

Under the Hood of Physical Damage Truck Insurance

Your truck and trailer equipment are the lifeline of your business and represent a significant investment. If your truck is damaged in an accident or fire or vandalized or stolen, you’re off the road, and your business is temporarily sidelined. Physical Damage Truck insurance steps in to get your truck and equipment repaired or replaced, … Continue reading “Under the Hood of Physical Damage Truck Insurance”

Ensure Drivers Have the Right Documents for Compliance

Although it may not be your favorite aspect of being an owner-operator, paperwork management is a serious responsibility. You must have current documentation at all times, including for yourself as the driver, your truck and trailer, and, if applicable, your motor carrier. Missing documentation has serious consequences, including excessive violations that can negatively impact your … Continue reading “Ensure Drivers Have the Right Documents for Compliance”

What to Do When Your Semi-Truck Breaks Down on the Side of the Road

Semi-truck breakdowns occur more frequently than passenger vehicles. For example, American Trucking Association‘s (ATA) Technology & Maintenance Council’s survey reported breakdowns to occur about every 10,000 miles. Semi-truck breakdowns for truckers are costly and potentially dangerous events. Drivers must know how to handle them among the many hazardous scenarios they encounter on the road. Semi-Truck … Continue reading “What to Do When Your Semi-Truck Breaks Down on the Side of the Road”

The Significance of Trucking Bonds

Trucking bonds are essential tools motor carriers and shippers need to safeguard against potential risks associated with transporting goods. As such, they play a critical role in the trucking industry. Any business that uses trucks to transport goods or provide services needs trucking bonds to finance operations safely. Trucking bonds provide a guaranteed third-party assurance … Continue reading “The Significance of Trucking Bonds”