The Importance of Small Trucking Fleets in Freight Transportation


The trucking industry is responsible for moving 72.5% of our country’s freight. Small trucking fleets, characterized by six or fewer vehicles, are responsible for handling 91.5% of this freight, demonstrating the significant role they play in the movement of goods across the country. Following are several reasons why we rely on small trucking fleets to transport our goods.

Regional and Local Specialization

Small trucking fleets are frequently family-owned businesses that specialize in serving certain regions or localities. They are well versed in local roads, routes, and customer requirements, allowing them to provide effective and timely delivery services. Their local presence helps get freight to destinations that larger carriers may find difficult to reach.


Small trucking fleets can respond quickly to changes in demand, adjust routes, and meet unique customer needs. This adaptability allows them to deliver tailored and customized services, which is very useful for organizations with specialized shipping requirements.

Wide Range of Service Offerings

Small trucking fleets frequently provide services beyond freight transportation. They may offer specialist services such as last-mile delivery, refrigerated transport, or other industry-specific services. These services meet the unique demands of organizations in a variety of industries, helping to improve the supply chain’s overall efficiency.

Job Creators

Small trucking operations support local economies by creating jobs. They frequently hire drivers, mechanics, dispatchers, and administrative personnel from the neighboring communities, thereby promoting job prospects and economic growth. They also help to grow auxiliary sectors like truck maintenance and repair, fuel providers, and truck equipment makers.

Challenges for Small Trucking Fleets

Small trucking fleets have unique challenges such as limited resources and access to capital. They are concerned with maintaining a profitable business within the constraints of their financial resources, making it more challenging to deal with the industry’s volatility caused by external factors such as higher fuel prices, freight rates, and supply chain disruptions. With limited resources, small trucking fleets may also find it challenging to keep track of everything involved in fleet equipment, employees, booked revenue, and utilizing the most profitable routes.

Implementing an automated system that centralizes fleet, trip, and financial data supported by communication channels that keep drivers and dispatchers in sync can be a valuable investment for a small trucking company. It can help facilitate more on-time deliveries, improve client satisfaction, and establish a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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