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While having a hedge against major financial losses is important for any business, the risk management picture can be complex for a company using commercial trucks in its operations. The right California truck insurance package is vital for your firm’s future health. To protect your business against losses from accidents, injuries, property damage, lost cargo, regulatory issues and other hazards, count on us for unique, powerful custom-tailored solutions.

Our Liability Coverage Essentials

Between policies for truck accidents and ones that handle broader liability situations, you need to have a solid basis for an insurance strategy that defends your firm’s interests. Our truck policies indemnify your liability associated with property damage or injuries resulting from accidents involving your company-owned and operated vehicles. In addition, our general liability products cover damages caused by services or products your company provides, activities on company grounds and other exposures.

Workers’ Comp, Property, and Bond Options

Just as not all commercial vehicles are alike, their uses can also vary widely between industries. Freight transporters, moving companies, passenger vehicle services, industrial firms and other businesses all have unique insurance needs in safeguarding their trucks, goods, property and other assets. That’s why we provide products such as hazardous materials and pollution liability coverage. We also offer additional essentials for asset protection:

  • Custom and performance bonds
  • Workers Compensation and Occupational Accident Injury coverage
  • Commercial general liability
  • Commercial property coverage
  • Dump truck insurance policies
  • Commercial roadside assistance

If there’s a gap in your workers’ compensation insurance, we also have solutions that can help reduce potential losses, keep your firm compliant with applicable laws and provide peace of mind.

Protection for Your Precious Cargo

If you transport any freight for clients, you’re also putting yourself at risk for financial losses. The most common types of claims can include lost or damaged freight, which you’ll need to replace or reimburse your customers for restoration. Your firm’s fiduciary standing and reputation rely on your ability to make things right, so including our motor cargo truck policies in your total insurance solution is a sound strategy. Our representatives can guide you to selecting the right coverage levels and options to meet your business needs.

Your risk management strategy should be expertly tooled to give you the best level of protection possible and aid in securing your firm’s future success. From general liability and accident coverage to specialized solutions, we have superior insurance products for your company. Our professionals act under our state license number, 0B02562, so you can count on them to answer your questions and provide a quote for California truck insurance.