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We Provide Iowa Commercial Truck Insurance Solutions

If you use commercial trucks in your business operations, you can’t take your risk management picture for granted. From employee injuries and lost freight to accidents and pollution, there are many possible avenues to lose a lot of money. Add to that the costs of litigation and fines imposed by federal and state agencies, and the potential consequences could easily multiply in magnitude. One major incident could cost just enough to hobble your business or force it to close. However, you can ensure that your firm stats active, competitive and poised for growth with our customizable Iowa truck insurance solutions.

Coverage for Your Fleet Vehicles and Clients’ Cargo

Our insurance professionals will create a total indemnity solution from our group of products to safeguard your vehicles and freight. Our truck liability covers expenses from injuries and property destruction incurred during accidents involving your fleet trucks. Meanwhile, motor truck cargo insurance kicks in when your customers’ freight is lost or damaged.

Products Providing Broad Indemnity Protection

Of course, your risk picture is larger than just your individual vehicles and customers’ freight. You need wide-ranging coverage products for the numerous other avenues of possible fiduciary consequences. Our transportation operations insurance is perfect for carriers offering these specialized services:

  • Less than truckload (LTL)
  • Pickup and delivery (P&D)
  • Intermodal transportation
  • Public livery operations
  • Freight forwarding

Every transportation operations coverage package will look a little different, but our experts will recommend options to shelter freight, workers, vehicles and more. Depending on your needs, we may recommend one of our general liability products to handle property damage and injuries occurring on your business premises, from contract violations or other scenarios that fall outside of standard automobile coverage.

Specialized Coverage Options for Every Situation

As your full-service insurance company, we’re also ready to help with a vast array of specialty selections. We also provide US Customs and performance bonds . Furthermore, our worker’s compensation insurance safeguards the financial futures of both your company and its employees. In addition, our indemnity offerings include several other superior protection options:

  • Pollution liability policies
  • Hazardous materials insurance
  • Dump truck coverage
  • Commercial truck roadside assistance

Pay Attention to Your Risk Management Strategy

When it comes to preserving your firm’s future and insulating it against fiduciary catastrophes, you need a comprehensive hedge against the risks your company faces every single day. Count on our educated insurance agents to recommend thorough Iowa commercial truck insurance personalized to your business needs. We operate under Illinois state license number 1002251137.