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Every shipping and transportation business needs an insurer who knows the state and federal requirements for coverage limits and liability. In this industry, being underinsured is simply not an option. At Western Truck insurance Services, we’re licensed to offer comprehensive vehicle and general liability coverage for commercial transportation operations in 27 states. For fully-compliant Missouri truck insurance at an affordable rate, contact us to apply for a fast, easy quote.

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

No matter the size of your operation, your vehicles are the backbone of your business. Ensuring you get the coverage and liability protection you need for your entire fleet means working with an insurer who understands the risks and regulations of the industry.

Our vehicle insurance products align with your business needs on a scheduled vehicle basis. However, for larger operations, we recommend a broad-form Missouri truck insurance policy that covers your entire fleet without the need for underwriting changes. Protect your company from the costly consequences of underinsured vehicles and prevent your assets from becoming liabilities.

Insurance for Everyday Liability

Our General Liability policies are designed to protect your business from property damage, injuries and other unforeseen t financial responsibilities. In an industry full of risk, get the coverage your business necessitates to avoid serious losses in the event of an accident.

Lost Cargo Can Be Costly

Never leave anything to chance in freighting and shipping. Lost or damaged cargo can be just as costly as vehicle loss if not properly insured. Our Motor Truck Cargo insurance provides a safety net for the loss of cargo in the event of an accident. We also extend the option for coverage for warehouses and shipping terminals, protecting goods in storage. Our brokers will work with you and your transporters, ensuring accurate estimates and sufficient coverage.

Roadside Assistance, 24-Hours a Day

A lot can happen on the road that can leave your drivers stranded. With our emergency roadside assistance program through Roadside Masters, you can receive 24/7 service support anywhere you need it. Whenever your drivers run into trouble, a mobile mechanic is available to keep your shipments on track and your trucks on the road.

Call for an Easy, Affordable Quote

Looking for smarter, more comprehensive Missouri truck insurance? Qualified to insure in 27 states, our Missouri license number is 8083257. Give us a call at 1-800-937-8785 or connect via email through our truck insurance quote form to apply for a fast, affordable quote.