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In a perfect world, accidents would never happen. In the world of vehicles, though, accidents are almost a certain reality. And no matter what the cause, one accident can lead to the loss of an entire business. No matter what type of truck you run, having New Jersey truck insurance that you can trust is imperative for the survival of everything you have invested your time and energy in. While you hope to never be involved in an accident while on the road, there’s no predicting what lies ahead.

Types of Available Truck Insurance

Our extensive policies are aimed at keeping your business and your interests protected, no matter what your fleet looks like. Here are three types of insurance that we offer:

Excellent Cargo Coverage

For a cargo carrier, protecting the freight is of utmost importance. There are too many times, however, when cargo is damaged due to circumstances that a driver can do little to nothing about. Such instances include improperly restrained loads that shift during transit, a sudden rise in cargo temperature due to a reefer malfunction, and multi-vehicle accidents and their resulting damage. Our specialized motor truck cargo insurance policies are built to cover each load and offer the protection you need should situations out of your control lead to the loss or damage of cargo.

Reliable Liability Coverage

Our liability insurance options are available for those times when your business needs a more robust coverage. Typically, this type of coverage helps to cover any type of property damage or personal injury that might happen while the products or services of your company are being used. Some even cover damage from accidents or injury which occur on company-owned property. Make sure that your company is well-protected against fiduciary deficits with this robust type of insurance.

Extensive Protective Coverage Policies

Because the commercial trucking industry is not limited only to vehicles that haul cargo from point A to point B, we offer additional types of insurance meant to offset any type of accident that might put your company at risk. Some of our available policies include:

  • Liability coverage relating to pollution and hazardous materials.
  • Coverage for expensive roadside assistance to commercial trucks.
  • Performance and custom bonds.
  • Insurance policies specific to dump trucks.
  • Workers’ comp coverage that is compliant with both state and federal laws.

Having the right types of New Jersey truck insurance in place can be just the thing to stand between your business and the unfortunate losses that can occur due to accident or injury. Contact our experienced agents today at 1-800-937-8785 or by filling out our convenient truck insurance quote form for more information about how we can help make sure you’re covered. License #1091281.