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Understanding Pennsylvania Commercial Truck Insurance

While commercial trucks play an important part of your company’s service delivery strategies, they expose you to liability. You need a Pennsylvania truck insurance solution that shields you from financial calamities that can result from injuries, accidents, lost cargo, property damage or other types of claims. We offer many kinds of policies designed to safeguard your interests, no matter what your business model and operations are.

Liability Coverage for Your Trucking Operation

Available for many commercial truck insurance packages, our general liability options offer broader protection for your trucking company. It usually applies to injuries or property damage that occurs while using any company products or services, being on company property or other liability exposures. When combined with our truck policies, which handle company-owned vehicle accidents, you have a powerful coverage combination that defends your firm against significant fiduciary deficits.

Superior Risk Management for Cargo Carriers

Cargo transporters are particularly vulnerable when it comes to lost or damaged freight. Besides your firm’s own financial status, you’ve also got to worry about the clients putting trust in you to carry their freight. You take the utmost care in handling and moving these goods, but preventing every possible avenue of loss is impossible. If the unthinkable does happen, our motor truck cargo products are here to help, able to be tailored to your operations and risk exposure.

Workers’ Comp, Dump Truck and Other Coverage

The risk management picture can be somewhat complex regardless of whether you’re running a moving company, freight transport firm, passenger vehicle business or another type of business employing commercial trucks in its operations. We offer additional policy features to give your firm the extra shielding it needs:

  • Commercial truck roadside assistance
  • Workers Compensation and Occupational Accident Injury coverage
  • Dump truck insurance policies
  • Pollution and hazardous materials liability
  • Performance and custom bonds

Furthermore, our workers’ compensation coverage provides both risk protection and compliance with federal and state laws.

We’re Ready to Help Meet Your Needs

Companies using owned, non-owned, subcontracted, private, or hired vehicles all have unique kinds of risk profiles with their business operations. We have a wide variety of coverage options available for inclusion in your Pennsylvania truck insurance package. Our policies can assist you in meeting state and federal regulations, defending against major financial losses and supplying the level of service your clients expect. Have questions or need a quote? Feel free to contact one of our truck insurance agents today. Our Pennsylvania state license number is 706259.