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Hit the Road With Texas Commercial Truck Insurance

Businesses relying on commercial trucks for part of their operations are exposed to possible liability situations and the potential for losses. Selecting a Texas truck insurance package that best fits your firm’s risk management strategy is a vital part of defending its interests. We don’t expect you to “speak insurance,” so this brief guide should help you understand more about the types of coverage we offer.

Multiple Liability Coverage Options

As part of our menu of Texas truck insurance choices, you’ll find truck, general liability, and pollution liability. In most cases, our standard liability policies are geared toward protecting you in the event of damage or injuries to other people resulting from accidents involving trucks owned or operated by your company. We can also provide general liability products, which usually apply to claims involving injuries or harm to property sustained while being on your premises, using your company’s products or services or other liability exposures and Pollution Liability can be included in the event your operations bring that issue to bear.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Freight transport companies don’t just deal with risk exposure from operating their vehicles. While carrying cargo is the source of profit, it’s also an avenue for additional possible fiduciary disasters. Policies that deal with truck cargo typically apply in instances when freight becomes damaged or lost. Knowing the nature of your transports is essential, our specialists will craft and recommend the best amount of protection.

Coverage for Dump Truck Operators

Dump trucks are unique operations of their own with special risk situations that other insurers are simply not equipped to handle. Thankfully, we do, and we have exclusive programs geared toward shielding you from disastrous losses.

Bonds, Workers’ Comp and Other Options

Besides over-the- road cargo transport, passenger vehicle and other services, firms that use commercial trucks usually find themselves in other complex risk situations. To meet your needs, we offer several alternatives:

  • Pollution liability
  • Hazardous materials coverage
  • Workers Compensation and Occupational Accident Injury coverage
  • Commercial general liability
  • Commercial property
  • Custom and performance bonds

Additionally, we can supply workers’ compensation policies to handle your staff’s injuries sustained from on-the-job activities. When you add on our commercial truck roadside assistance, your fleet vehicles can get back on the road quicker while you save thousands of dollars in towing, lockout service and other fees.

Whether your business operations incorporate owned, non-owned, hired, subcontracted or even private passenger vehicles, we have options to help you meet federal and state regulations and serve as a hedge against major fiduciary losses. Don’t forget that our professional insurance representatives are always here to help. Contact us today to have you questions answered, or get a truck insurance quote now. We are registered in Texas under state license number 17213.