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Trust Us for Your Washington Truck Insurance

Logistics companies, owner-operators and other businesses using commercial trucks in their operations each face a unique, complex risk picture. Why adopt a cookie cutter approach to your risk management strategy? The nature of your business demands a customized indemnity solution, so count on us to tailor a Washington truck insurance package that meets your enterprise’s needs. From general liability coverage to specialized options, we offer superior products geared to shield you from major financial losses.

Liability Solutions for Cargo Carriers

Our expert-tailored solutions start with liability products aimed to cover your trucks as well as general coverage options. Truck-specific policies reimburse you for expenses resulting from damages or injuries involving your company vehicles. Pair them with our general liability options, which serve as a hedge against financial losses from claims occurring the following scenarios:

  • Injuries or property damage occurring while on your property
  • Losses incurred while using your company’s products and services
  • Other situations where you may become liable

Advanced Products for Your Operations

Less than truckload (LTL), pickup and delivery (P&D) and other types of carriers face additional risks during normal operations. Our motor truck cargo products protect you from fiduciary losses involving any freight you carry for clients. Adding these options to your total insurance solution not only shields your enterprise from catastrophic financial harm, but it also helps you maintain your clients’ trust by ensuring that you’re able to reimburse them should the unthinkable happen. In addition, our transportation operations insurance offers protection for intrastate and interstate travel while meeting applicable regulatory guidelines.

Unique Policies for Unique Hazards

Hazardous cargo and pollution issues are also common in your industry, so we offer Pollution Liability & Hazardous Materials additions to deal with their potential financial consequences. Besides these products, other kinds of indemnification products are available for your company’s distinctly tailored insurance package. We offer U.S Customs and performance bonds to handle your fuel taxes and motor carrier authority needs, along with a menu of other coverage options:

  • Dump truck insurance
  • Commercial general liability
  • Commercial roadside assistance
  • Commercial property coverage

Ultimate Protection in the Evergreen State

Trucking companies, along with owner-operators, encounter specific sets of risks while doing business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re delivering a small amount of cargo across town, or you’re hauling heavy freight from coast to coast. We’re ready to craft a package that protects your vehicles, drivers, cargo and other assets, so consult our team of professionals today for your Washington truck insurance solution. We act in the state of Washington under license number 113586.