Dump Truck Insurance Overview

Dump truck insurance is a specialty line of insurance products within truck insurance, and is exclusively for the dump truck operator.

Many insurance companies simply don’t offer dump truck insurance, and the ones that do will often limit access to those insurance brokers who clearly understand and specialize in this industry. Fortunately, Western Truck Insurance Services is one of those specialists. We have some exclusive programs offered by only a select few insurance brokers.

Dump Truck Configurations and Operations

There are several configurations of dump trucks which are each used for different applications in the process of moving dirt, rock, sand and gravel, and other bulk goods. Dump truck usually refers to a single vehicle where the body of the vehicle raises up to allow gravity to unload the cargo. It is considered an “end dump” because the dumping takes place at the back of the vehicle. Truck-Tractors in these operations can pull either single end dump trailers,  center dump (also referred to as belly or bottom dump), or side dump trailers. A common application is for a tractor to pull double bottom dump trailers. Dumping is mostly a local operation; within 50 miles.