LTL Insurance Overview – Pickup and Delivery

Less than truckload (LTL) freight delivery utilizes all types of vehicles  to transport. As the name suggests, it involves several to many shipments going to various destinations. Parcel delivery is a typical example of this type of business. Amazon shipment deliveries can involve 30-40 separate deliveries for a single vehicle. Large Tractor/Trailer operations also perform LTL deliveries. Usually these are going to warehouses but also could involve 10 to 15 separate stops. Box trucks with weight class below the commercial drivers license requirement are a common vehicle used in LTL operations.

The insurance industry may underwrite these types of operations more closely due to various time constraints,  the start/stop nature that puts the driver in more awkward situations than long distance, and over the road drivers, and the fact that many of the drivers are not commercially licensed.