What is Intermodal Freight Shipping?

Intermodal freight shipping is when cargo is transported by multiple modes (ship, rail, or truck) without ever leaving its original cargo container. This facet of the trucking industry is highly regulated and requires carriers to have specific insurance, coverage limits, and a UIIA certificate.

Who Needs Intermodal Insurance?

If you haul cargo containers straight from the docks or railyard you are obligated to purchase intermodal Insurance coverages. In addition, as an approved UIIA concessionaire, a UIIA certificate is required to be posted by your insurance agent in order to enter the terminals.

Intermodal Insurance Coverages and Limit Requirements

UIIA certification requires minimum coverage and limits:

The Bottom Line

U.S ports are some of the most congested places truckers will ever have to navigate. Drivers may wait hours to reach the loading docks only to be turned away if their insurance and documentation are not in order.

The best thing you can do is work with an experienced truck insurance agent who understands Intermodal insurance requirements and the trucking industry as a whole.

Western Truck Insurance Services is an authorized insurance agency in the UIIA system and will help you obtain the proper coverage and make sure your UIIA cert has been completed and filed properly.

Request an insurance quote online for your Intermodal operation from Western Truck Insurance Services or speak with one of our licensed agents by calling 800-937-8785.