Protecting Your Business is Serious Business

Work Related Accidents Impact… You and your net worth Your time and focus The company you have built and its Stakeholders Employees and their families Lease Operators and their families Risk Management is Mission Critical What happens if an employee sustains a work-related injury or worse? What happens if a lease operator sustains a work … Continue reading “Protecting Your Business is Serious Business”

What is the Stated Amount of Physical Damage?

Unlike private passenger type vehicles commercial trucking physical damage is often insured on a “stated amount” basis. Physical damage premiums for private passenger type vehicles are ordinarily determined based on the original cost of the vehicle and its age.  This is practical largely because these vehicles depreciate in an easily predicted fashion.  Heavy commercial vehicles, … Continue reading “What is the Stated Amount of Physical Damage?”

What is Physical Damage Insurance?

Operators of commercial vehicles, such as truckers, need a number of insurance products. Automobile Physical Damage insurance covers the damage to, disappearance, or destruction of actual automobiles and/or their equipment, such as tractors, trailers or semitrailers, trucks, or private passenger types of vehicles.  Equipment does not include personal effects (clothes, eyeglasses, etc.) Covered autos are … Continue reading “What is Physical Damage Insurance?”

Truck Accident Claims Reporting and Handling

It seems that one of the more consistent areas of needed improvement for truckers, whether large fleet, small fleet or owner operators, is in the approach to claims reporting. This writer, who actively receives claims, has seen the gambit in claims reporting from well documented detail to virtually no information provided at all. So what’s … Continue reading “Truck Accident Claims Reporting and Handling”

Truck Insurance – Cost and Quality

You may not believe how many truck operations purchase their truck insurance coverage on the basis of lowest price. This practice, however, is not just the company’s fault, but also the fault of many truck insurance agents who supply coverage on the basis of lowest price. It is not only unbelievable, but also a dangerous … Continue reading “Truck Insurance – Cost and Quality”

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Truck Insurance

Knowing what’s happening in the industry helps Western Truck Insurance Services remain a reliable resource to both clients and prospects. As a result, we are always eager to learn how things are going and what you think about DOT enforcement activities, fuel prices, and the effects of laws, rules, and regulations on your business. As … Continue reading “How to Get the Best Deal on Your Truck Insurance”

Beyond Truck Insurance – Great Benefits that Matter Most.

Most Important Benefits to Get With Truck Insurance Truckers need to insure their vehicles, and for most, they simply look for the most cost-effective policy at the most reasonable price. It is vital to get good coverage, but as you are speaking with various truck insurance brokers, there are other qualities to look out for. … Continue reading “Beyond Truck Insurance – Great Benefits that Matter Most.”

Catering Truck Insurance

What to Know About Catering Truck Insurance Food trucks have grown in popularity in recent years. Many consumers appreciate the fact tasty food can be delivered to their home or business. If you operate this kind of vehicle, then it is vital to get it insured. It needs to be insured no matter what because … Continue reading “Catering Truck Insurance”

“Bad Apple” Truck Insurance Brokers

Watch Out for unscrupulous insurance agents/brokers who falsely scare unsuspecting truck operators that their truck insurance is cancelled.   I learned of an incident where a trucker was called by one of these “bad apple agents” and told their insurance policy was not going to be renewed and was being cancelled.   The frightened trucker was smart … Continue reading ““Bad Apple” Truck Insurance Brokers”

Truck Insurance Sales People Needed

A quick tally on the pulse of the insurance professionals who specialize in placing insurance for the trucking industry reveals a strong need for quality sales people. A regional business development manager from Great American Insurance Company recently stated that the brokers he works with are all looking for new producers, or sales people. This … Continue reading “Truck Insurance Sales People Needed”