A Closer Look at Non-Truck Liability

Non-Truck Liability

Non-truck liability, or NTL, is an extremely effective and efficient trucking liability policy that helps truckers find coverage in insurance gaps with other motor carriers they lease too. To avoid any issues related to non-truck claims, it’s important to know when this coverage is essential to have and use.

NTL is usually required by the trucking company with whom the trucker has signed a lease agreement. This insurance fills a potential gap for non-business use of the trucking equipment and helps to protect a trucking company’s primary liability policy.

What does non-truck liability cover?

NTL insurance provides liability protection to trucking customers using their listed vehicle for most non-business and personal use when the customer is under permanent lease to another trucking company that provides primary liability insurance as part of a work arrangement. It also provides coverage when that agreement excludes coverage explicitly for personal uses. In essence, non-truck liability is intended to cover limited situations.

What does non-truck liability not cover?

NTL doesn’t provide liability coverage for business use or when hauling any type of cargo. Driving to and from a loading area, fueling up, traveling for repairs, driving during layovers, deadheading, and washing a truck all might be considered using the vehicle for a business purpose. These scenarios usually would be covered by the motor carrier’s primary liability coverage.

NTL doesn’t apply when you’re pulling a loaded trailer, using a truck for any revenue-generating purpose, or operating on behalf of a trucking company. These types of activities are covered by primary liability insurance as well.

Moreover, non-truck liability is not intended for truckers who need short-term coverage before starting to haul for hire, or when they are between long-term leases. In either of these scenarios, a trucker needs a primary liability policy and also requires rating for-hire truckers instead of non-business.

When do you need NTL?

The best time to choose NTL coverage for a trucker is looking at how their lease agreement defines insurance obligations, making it imperative to read over insurance agreements. Truckers should only use NTL when the lease agreement obligates the trucking professional to purchase coverage for moments when they are not operating for the benefit of the trucking company they’re working for.

Purchasing NTL

There are some considerations truckers should have before taking on NTL insurance.

First, decide what kinds of coverage are needed to have the most comprehensive protection. If you’re considering other types of business insurance, such as physical damage coverage, it’s probably a good time to buy.

Next, truckers should go over different offers to see what is best for them and their protection needed. It’s essential not just to see which one has the most benefits. Ideally, you’ll want an option that fits both cost and effectiveness expectations.

One thing to note is that the window of liability exposure for NTL is usually small in comparison to a primary auto policy that is in effect. This is why the NTL insurance policy is comparatively inexpensive when compared to the central trucking policy that the truck company provides.

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