How to Recruit and Retain Skilled Truck Drivers

How to Recruit and Retain Skilled Truck Drivers

Turnover in the trucking industry is reaching high levels as older generations of drivers begin to phase out and recruitment efforts to reach younger drivers hasn’t created many opportunities. The trucking industry is already facing a massive shortage with more of a problem to come in the next decade as current drivers are starting to end their driving careers. In fact, companies already need about 60,000 drivers to fill positions, with another 40,000 estimated in the next few years.

The pressure is on trucking companies to not only recruit drivers but retain them for generations to come. With turnover rates near 100 percent, companies will have to replace nearly all drivers within the next couple of years to meet the rising demands of the freight market.

Incentivize Employees

Trucking companies have enough on their hands when it comes to meeting the rise in demand and having to handle employee turnover is only adding to the stress. Trucking companies can calm the stress of their employees by rewarding their hard work and timely deliveries with better incentives that can act as goal markers for drivers.

Some trucking companies have found success in offering more benefits and bonuses to truckers on a regular basis, like every six months or so. From meeting fuel efficiency and safety goals to getting deliveries done on schedule on a regular time frame, companies should can encourage their employees to work hard and get recognized for it.

Insure the Future

No one wants to work with risk hanging over their head, that includes trucking professionals. Trucking companies can make sure to ensure their future is safe through opting for comprehensive truck insurance that provides safety and long-term protection for their operations and employees. Truck insurance can help keep everything from cargo to employees to finances safe in the event of an accident, loss or damage. There are many different obstacles that trucking operations face, so having this peace of mind will help, especially when trying to retain drivers for future generations.

Provide the Right Benefits

One thing that will keep truck drivers on the payroll and making trips in full and on time is providing the right benefits that will go the extra mile. Many trucking companies are now opting to boost their health coverage benefits to attract younger and healthier drivers who are planning for a future. Other benefits include paid vacation days, sick time and 401(k)’s that will appeal to drivers in any phase in their career who are wanting to plan for a future.

The main point here is looking years down the road for a stable employee base. Programs that offer employees some equity in a trucking operation like a stock ownership plan is another way to entice employees to literally invest in their future with a company. Having built-in benefits can help attract new employees looking for a change of pace in their career as well as retain drivers who may be considering a change of their own.

Show Appreciation

Truck drivers spend long hours on the road, hauling freight for days and even weeks at a time. This takes them away from their home, their families, and their own free time. Companies need to adjust their operations and formulate programs in which drivers can still have a healthy personal and home life while also meeting the demands of clients.

Companies can build a team-oriented culture that puts a focus on the health and well-being of drivers. Drivers should be offered the same benefits and perks that are provided in other industries, and there should also be a stress on keeping lines of communication open to hear their ideas and field their feedback.

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