How Truckers Can Avoid Hefty Insurance Claims

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Commercial truckers always operate with an element of risk in their daily routes. Whether it’s a quick load drop-off or a cross-country trip, the liabilities related to costly accidents and injuries are still the same. In fact, every 15 minutes, a person is killed or seriously injured in an accident caused by trucks, accumulating to more than 500,000 trucking accidents annually.

When these events happen, trucking insurance claims are made. This can highly impact the rates they pay. Fortunately, there are ways that truckers and the companies they work for can avoid hefty insurance claims, including general liability, workers’ compensation, and more.

Read below to get helpful information on how to limit the potential for large trucking insurance claims.

Controlling Insurance Rates

To keep policy prices relatively low, truckers, and the companies they contract for should demonstrate that a safety program is in place. From driver training to a drug-free workplace to return-to-work programs, truckers can reduce claims in the long term and show their insurer that they are proactive in making accountability and safety priorities. This can help reduce the frequency of trucking claims, no matter how big or small, and help keep future costs down.

 Monitor Your Insurance Policy

By keeping an eye on what’s happening with insurance policies and rates, trucking companies take care of their fleets, drivers, and bottom line. In the last decade, the average cost per mile for coverage has risen by about 30 cents, a surge that is important to be aware of when shopping for or renewing an insurance policy. Knowing what’s happening in the marketplace can help fleets stay on top of their expectations and coverage limits.

Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claims and Costs

Trucking companies can be proactive with their drivers by starting new drivers out with orientation. This can include a more experienced driver riding with them for the first few days on short hauls. This might be more expensive in the short term, having two drivers in the same cab, but over time will be more cost-effective as this helps new drivers get insight and perspective.

Having a drug-free workplace can also reduce claims and eschew rising rates. Aside from marijuana and alcohol, truck drivers have been having issues with more recreational drug use, including opioids and cocaine, which some use to stay awake and alert. Because drivers are always sitting and lifting heavy objects, back injuries are common among drivers, and those drivers might need to take prescription drugs to treat injuries. This only increases the risk of incidents. Having a drug-free expectation creates awareness and protection for the trucking company and the driver and others on the road around them.

Promoting Safety, Reducing Liabilities

Simple safety measures should be in place to help limit the potential for accidents and hefty insurance claims to occur. Driving the speed limit, especially on unfamiliar or unsafe roads, can keep drivers and their trucks safe. Drivers should also keep distractions away, including texting, talking, videos, or eating. If an accident involves distracted driving, there won’t be much you can do to plead innocence.

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