Insurance Requirements for Household Moving Trucks

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Moving companies are responsible for safely packing and transporting household goods from one location to another. During the moving process, household moving companies are exposed to a wide range of risks. Companies are not only responsible for their vehicles and drivers, but also the personal belongings they are transporting. Household goods mover insurance is designed to protect against the risks inherent in moving operations; with this insurance, moving companies gain valuable risk management benefits.

Risks in Household Moving Operations

Similar to the risks that commercial cargo companies face, moving companies are exposed to a broad number of risks in their operations. Movers may be legally liable for any damages or losses that may occur while a customer’s household goods are in their care. Moves are not only about transporting the household items, but also the handling of those items during packing and unpacking processes. Each touch point represents a significant risk for which household goods mover insurance is designed to protect.

Common household move risks include:

  • Damage or destruction of household goods during transport
  • Damage to items during packing or unpacking operations
  • Theft of household items from warehouses or trucks
  • Damage to or loss of items while in temporary or long-term storage due to fire, water, or environmental exposure

Everyday risks in the transportation industry, like vehicle collisions, property damage, employee injuries, and theft or vandalism, also apply to household moving companies. With the extra set of risks noted above, the overall liability picture becomes extraordinarily complex for movers. Not only do movers have to worry about their employees and vehicles, but also face significant financial and liability risks as custodians of customers’ household goods during the moving process.

Insurance Protection for Household Movers

Because of the nature of the industry, household movers are exposed to unique risks related to their handling, transport, and storage of household items. Insurance protection is critical as a foundational risk management strategy. While insurance needs and requirements may vary by state, there are several common policy types household movers carry to ensure robust protection. These are:

  • Automotive liability insurance
  • Cargo coverage
  • Workers’ compensation
  • General liability insurance
  • Umbrella insurance

Household goods mover insurance is another valuable addition to the insurance toolkit. This insurance works like cargo coverage but is enhanced by offering a blanket of liability protection for every step of the moving process. Movers often pack household items, load vehicles, deliver those items to a new location, and unpack the items. In some cases, movers may store household items temporarily or on a long-term basis. Each step exposes the moving company to claims of damage or loss, as the company takes custody of the household goods until they are released safely to the customer at the end of the move.  Imagine if an incident – a vehicle collision or a fire — were to cause the loss of an entire truckload of household items. Without household goods mover insurance, a moving company may be on the hook for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in losses. By taking a proactive approach to insurance coverage, movers can continue to perform their essential role in helping families relocate while protecting their own interests from expensive liability claims.

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