Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Coverage


Does your trucking operation utilize a specific location where you bring in freight for ether warehousing, transloading, or just temporary storage in transit? Have you discussed this part of your operations with your insurance broker?

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

What you may not know is that your motor truck cargo insurance policy likely will NOT provide coverage while freight is on those premises unless that insurance policy has been properly set up for it.


These are the types of surprises a business owner can do without; especially when finding out about it AFTER an event has occurred.

What? You say…

READ your insurance policy…

Is your premise location listed on that motor truck cargo policy? Do you leave loaded trailers detached from power units? What are the actual limits of exposure you really have at risk in your terminal, and has your cargo policy been written to include that terminal exposure?

If you don’t know or aren’t sure, make sure you check with your insurance broker and READ your policy.

Many cargo policies will not even offer terminal coverage. Most have exclusions for detached trailers, unattended vehicles, and freight off of trucks. For those policies that will allow for storage in transit in a specified location (your warehouse), the usual time period is only 72 hours. Is that limitation going to work for you?

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