Refrigerated Truck Insurance 101

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Representing over $7 billion in economic value each year in the United States alone, refrigerated trucks are essential to the transportation industry. These trucks, colloquially known as “reefers”, transport millions of tons of perishable items per year, including food products, medicines, and temperature-controlled cargoes. With over 500,000 refrigerated trailers operating on U.S. roadways, protecting those vehicles and their cargo is essential. Refrigeration truck insurance is the foundation of risk management for this sector of the commercial transportation industry. 

Refrigerated Trucks: An Overview

According to PLS Logistics, refrigerated trucks were developed in the early 1940s to extend shipping of perishable goods like meats and produce from farmers to markets across the country. Since then, this sector has grown tremendously. Today, over 500,000 refrigerated trucks operate with an average new cost of about $60,000 per trailer. 90% of all food is transported via refrigerated carrier in the United States. Fresh and frozen food products are not the only cargoes these specialized, temperature-controlled vehicles haul; in addition, refrigerated carriers transport:

  • Medicines
  • Flowers
  • Fine Art
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics

Reefers are a critical aspect of commercial transportation, as they extend the shelf life of products, help to reduce waste, and facilitate freight management in terms of both quality and safety. Refrigeration truck insurance is used to protect vehicles and their contents during every part of the transportation journey. 

What is Refrigeration Truck Insurance?

Just like commercial truck insurance, refrigeration truck insurance is a specialized form of vehicle insurance designed to protect fleet operators from expensive operational and liability risks. In addition, policies may provide:

  • Liability Coverage
  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage
  • Refrigeration Unit Breakdown (Spoilage) Coverage

It is this last area of coverage that demands extra focus. Because refrigerated cargoes must be kept at a predetermined temperature to prevent spoilage or damage, vehicles becoming damaged or disabled or equipment failing and cargo becoming compromised loom large. Spoilage of temperature-controlled cargoes can result in steep expenses, including legal claims against the truck’s owner. Refrigeration truck insurance reduces the liability exposures fleet owners face, protecting vehicles and freight from a wide range of risks. 

Does My Fleet Need Refrigeration Truck Insurance?

If your fleet operates temperature-controlled trailers to transport perishable or sensitive cargoes, you need the specialized coverage only refrigeration truck insurance can provide. This insurance includes General Liability, Commercial Auto Liability,  Motor Truck Cargo, and Reefer Breakdown coverage.

 With these insurance products forming a blanket of protection over your fleet operations, owners can continue to provide essential transportation services for temperature-sensitive freight. 

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