Auto Transporter Insurance: When Do You Need It?

You need an Auto Transporter Insurance policy if your business includes hauling cars. It’s the way to safeguard your liability, your vehicles, and the autos you transport from losses.

As a car hauler, your load generally has a high value, so you will likely require more insurance coverage and cargo insurance than most commercial truckers. For example, a typical general freight carrier carries $1 million in liability insurance and $100,000 to $250,000 in cargo insurance. An auto hauler will need to increase the cargo to the maximum load value carried. For example, 10 new cars valued at $50,000 each means the limit should be  $500,000 for the cargo. Not carrying enough cargo coverage creates Co-Insurance exposures and problems.

Who Needs Auto Transporter Insurance?​

If you’re not sure whether you need auto transporter insurance, ask yourself the following question:

  • Does my business involve transporting cars as a truckman ?

If the answer is affirmative, you need protection from an auto transporter insurance policy.

What Types of Coverages Are in Auto Transporter Insurance?

Auto transport insurance protects the transporter for risk from property damage and bodily injury liability,  physical damage coverage to his equipment,  and loss or damage to the automobiles being transported. .

  • Bodily Injury – covers bodily injury suffered by anyone else because of an accident involving your vehicle.
  • Property Damage – covers property of others that has been damaged because of an accident involving your vehicle.
  • Physical Damage, commonly referred to as  Comp & Collision, – covers damages to your truck and trailer due to an accident,  theft, vandalism, or fire.
  • Motor Truck Cargo – Provides protection for loss or damage to those cars that you are transporting while on your truck in the course of transit.

Clients who use Western Truck Insurance Services appreciate how the policy is customized to match their distinct insurance needs.

For the most complete protection, depending on your business model   you should have a thorough discussion with an agent from Western Truck Insurance Services so they can assess your needs and build you the optimal insurance policy.

When Should I Buy Auto Transporter Insurance? ​

To adequately protect your business you will need to buy auto transporter insurance when you first start operating as a car hauler. You will need the coverage in force in order to obtain your US DOT and State authority to operate.   Once you’ve begun transporting cars, you should evaluate the level of your coverage as your business grows and develops making adjustments to accommodate for your various levels of risk.

The specialized nature of vehicle hauling is complex and requires professional insurance expertise.  You need experienced professional advice to ensure you fully protect your company and personal assets from potential disastrous losses.

Western Truck Insurance has a 30-year history of delivering top-notch coverage for commercial vehicle owners and drivers. We respect your business’s importance to your family, employees, and clients. Our mission is to safeguard you and your business with the best protection and competitive rates. Our staff uses our industry expertise and independent agent status to shop for your trucking bonds and insurance needs.