Poor Trucking Maintenance & Accidents

Collisions with large trucks on the road typically result in major injuries and even death. And with the rise in trucking accidents in recent years, it’s important to look at the factors that are creating this issue. Large truck accidents have many different potential causes. Driver error may play a part, but the main issues relate to poor trucking maintenance. From tire health to checking fluids, it’s important for truck drivers to understand the danger poor maintenance plays in accidents.

Dangers of Poor Trucking Maintenance

With as much weight as trucks put on the road and as much time as they spend traveling, it’s no surprise that they these vehicles need regular maintenance. Routine trucking maintenance should be completed just like any regular commuter vehicle. Sometimes, however, fleets of vehicles in a trucking company are not serviced frequently enough, leading to more potential incidents.

If a poorly maintained truck is back on the road, the risk of incident is much higher than if it were to be restored. Even if the driver practices the necessary safety measures, the hazards presented by a poorly maintained truck could cause accidents.

No matter the reason behind a trucking accident, truck drivers should be driving with the right level of truck insurancethat keeps them protected. This kind of coverage, including general liability and physical damage coverages, can provide peace of mind after an accident. In addition, this insurance policy will provide the funds needed to repair a truck’s damage to make sure it remains in its optimal operating condition.

Brakes and Steering

Any issues with brakes and steering that a truck driver notices must be given attention. The vehicle in question needs to undergo a full inspection to make sure that all brakes are working as they should be and that the steering is in good working condition. Failure to check on brakes and steering could end up causing a major accident, especially as the brakes on these large trucks undergo much more strain and wear and tear than typical vehicles, this is especially important. Trucking maintenance should be comprehensive and prioritize the most-used features of the vehicle.

Vehicle Fluids

Large trucks do require routine fluid checks, just like your average everyday sedan or pickup. It’s important that brake fluid, steering fluid, motor oil, and radiator fluid are checked on a regular basis. Simple additions of these fluids can keep the truck running smoothly during its commute.

Tire Health

Over time, the weight and wear put a strain on a truck’s tires. Similar to brakes, this a routine check that should never be skipped. There should also be an emphasis on proper rotation and replacement, as well. A large truck that has a damaged or worn set of tires can be a hazard to anyone around them on the road. The risk of vehicle loss due to tire blowouts puts everyone in harm’s way.

Broken and Damaged Lights

A broken taillight, as simple and unassuming as it may seem, can end up causing major problems. If a turn signal or headlight is out, this could increase the risk of collisions since many trucks travel by night. When any light is not working properly, it could lead to a potential accident that can be avoided with the right level of regular care and simple trucking maintenance checks.

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