Why Every Trucker Should Have Roadside Assistance Coverage

Roadside assistance is an add-on type of insurance that some commercial truck drivers may not consider when looking for coverage. Having regular insurance on hand is a must, but budgeting for something like roadside assistance may not be at the top of a driver’s list. However, it’s important that drivers all around know the benefits of having some extra help.

In the event that a semi breaks down, roadside assistance can kick in. Drivers should consider commercial vehicle breakdown insurance to cover a wide range of issues including hotel and travel discounts, fuel delivery service and parts delivery. Let’s see how else vehicle breakdown insurance can be a benefit to truck drivers.


A semi-truck that finds itself broken down on the side of the road and needs transport to a mechanic will have to be towed away. Typically, this is a major expense under insurance plans and usually higher when it is outside of a roadside assistance program like vehicle breakdown insurance. Investing in this coverage can make things less complicated.

Flat Tires

Semi trucks are not immune to flat tires. Just like a regular car driver may need some help to change a flat, truck drivers could find themselves stranded and looking for assistance. Having a roadside assistance plan in place will offer up built-in help including bringing someone out to help change a flat, no matter the size.

Mechanic Service

Some insurance providers offer up mechanic service to help with things like electrical and mechanical issues. A provider will send someone out to your truck and make any minor repairs needed. Mobile mechanics may not be able to take on bigger tasks, like working on transmissions, but most disabling problems can be taken care of on the spot.

Jump Start

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, sometimes a simple jump start can be a lot to handle, especially for semi’s. Leaving the lights on or having a battery drained will put stress on any trucking operation. Getting a quick jump start will get you back on the road in no time, a must-have for any driver in any state.

Fluid Delivery

Low on oil? A provider can send help with a mobile mechanic who can drop some much needed fluids into a truck. This will help to safeguard against potential engine damage down the road and keep internal damage at bay.

Lockout Service

Forget your keys in the truck cabin? This happens to anyone. Having roadside assistance in place will also lend a hand when you forget your keys in your truck as a provider will send someone out to replace your keys or help you get back into your truck.

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