How Data-Driven Technology Could Change the Trucking Industry

Technology is increasingly changing the world around us and making innovative steps in virtually every industry including trucking. Long haul companies are seeing a growing dependency on digital technology affect their operations and having to reorganize the way they do business. With the advent of autonomous trucking and a threat of a driver shortage looming, the trucking industry is seeing a number of rapid changes pushing and pulling it in many different directions.

Digitized trucking is still a little ways off and the logistics industry as a whole still has time to prepare for dramatic shifts like how to go about commercial truck insurance. Parts of it are already being put in place due to a couple major global trends that are helping to change the trucking industry.

The first is a push to manage climate change and to save energy and resources in an industry that traditionally goes against those notions. Secondly, social and cultural changes are beginning to open up new markets and expectations for the influence of autonomous vehicles and the digitized supply chain. Together, these two factors show that the effect of these trends isn’t just a matter of trucks themselves or how global supply chain is managed. Instead, digitized trucking will transform how most stakeholders in OEMs, logistics, warehouses, and others will operate.


Soon enough it will be possible to integrate the truck into real-time logistics data across the whole supply chain. Parts, materials suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses–virtually every area will be affected. When orders are sent to manufacturers, a supply chain system will send back a report on the availability of the goods and timing of shipping it out, thus optimizing its production schedule. If something happens that impedes the truck from delivering on time, on schedule, the system can automatically determine a new route and update the receiving party about the new arrival time.

Transforming the Industry

Bringing updated digital technologies together in the trucking industry of tomorrow has already begun and the digitally integrated world of trucking will see massive differences soon. Trucking companies should already be on top of these changes and anticipating how they can change in real time. Expect to see further development of a hub-and-spoke delivery structure.

The use of large distribution hubs will become normalized in trucking. Trucks will have the ability to do away with human interaction during hub-to-hub trips as autonomous technology continues to be perfected. For now, there are trucking companies trying out this tech, such as Uber and Tesla, seeing how trucks can handle getting on and off highways as well as tracking their cruising performance. As hub-to-hub trucking becomes more common and necessary, regulations will have to change around the impact of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

This digital data landscape is more than just software and more visible in areas besides just warehouses and freight loads. Trucking companies should connect the dots between all areas of growth and change in the industry and see their domino-like effects.

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