How Trucking Operations Can Protect Their Drivers’ Mental Health

While it’s important for trucking professionals to do their job well, including getting every haul to its destination on time and taking care of their payload to the utmost, it’s also important for drivers to take care of their self, just like how trucking companies can take care of their operations with truck insurance.

Driving for long hours alone on the road can take a toll on drivers’ mental and physical outlines, so knowing how you can take better care on the road is key. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, more than one million truck drivers in the United States will be involved in serious road accidents at some point in their careers, opening the door for post-traumatic stress.

Trucking companies can take care of their employees by offering suggestions to keep their minds sharp and spirits lifted. Here are some suggestions:

Consider a Travel Companion

If it’s allowed, truck drivers can consider bringing on a co-pilot for long hauls. This will help beat road isolation that becomes a common threat for drivers. From spouses to friends, fellow drivers or even dogs, having someone in the passenger seat can help keep spirits up, especially for bigger projects.

Keep a Strong Network

During taking breaks on the road, drivers should check in with loved ones or even support groups back home. The good news is there are so many different ways to stay connected. Social media, video calling, text, email–drivers have so many options to keep in touch. Even a quick chat between stops can make a big difference.

Have a Routine

Sometimes it actually backfires to have the same routine every day. But for drivers it can give them something to look forward to. From waking up at certain times to having morning rituals, like a stretch session or going on a run before getting the day started, drivers should make an effort to have some consistency every day. After the day gets going, drivers can add some variety to their days by looking forward to checking in with family and friends, posting on social media or even listening to podcasts.

Keep Fit

Spending long hours behind the wheel can also be hard on the body; back stiffness and leg problems are the most prevalent. That’s why making small efforts to keep fit on a schedule can make a big difference. Not only will staying active be helpful to the body, it can also be good for the mind and soul by adding confidence and helping with sleep. From light jogs to yoga to high-intensity interval training, drivers can help keep their mind and body in shape.

Bring Some Comforts From Home

While truck cabs may not be a good replacement for your living room back home, they can still stand in as great reminders of what’s waiting for you. Bring photos and small decorations to remind you of home and family or even just your favorite spots back in your hometown, like restaurants and sports venues.

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