How to Stay Warm When Trucking in the Winter

Winter is well on its way and has even settled in in some parts of the country. Major snowstorms can back up traffic, alter travel plans, delay freight shipments, and, at the very least, make people very uncomfortable. For truck drivers hauling loads on the highway, trying to stay warm can be a struggle when the temperatures drop.

There are many different ways to stay warm and keep the cold out for those who drive 18-wheelers and live out of their truck on long trips.

Here are some ways to keep the fire burning and keep warm this winter:

The Basics

First, it’s important for drivers to check with their company to make sure they have an extreme cold weather idle requirement. Most companies require the truck to run when temperatures get below 20 degrees. When drivers head into even colder climates, they should make sure they’re ready for the cold road ahead.

Also, trucking companies who hire out independent drivers should be sure to have their truck insurance intact, covering any liabilities that may arise from cold weather. Beyond drivers falling ill, risks such as road conditions and majorly inclement weather that causes delays should be covered against.

Inspect the Truck

Truck drivers are required by law to check their vehicles before every trip. A visual, hands-on inspection should check for things like any issues with tires, wiper blades, fluids, and lights. When temperatures go too high or too low, it’s imperative to check even more regularly and thoroughly.

Running a Heater

Truck drivers should opt for running a heater to keep their cabs warm, at least for a period of time to raise the temperature inside. As drivers are finishing up their paperwork for the day and getting ready for bed, a heater can be used with the fan on its highest setting to heat the truck up. It’s important, though, to remember to turn the fan down before the truck is shut off, or else icy air will blast through when a driver strikes it up again the next morning.

Sleeping Bags and Blankets

A basic, but still effective move is to always remember warm items like blankets and sleeping bags. A heavy-duty, low-temperature sleeping bag will help to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep while keeping the cold away. Plus, layering on some thick blankets to pile on top is another important tip do take advantage of.

Another option to increase warmth is to line a sleeping bag with a down comforter or keep one on top. While a sleeping bag is a must-have, it can be cold when slipping into it and zipping up. 

Mattress Pad

Mattress pads not only supply more comfort and support for drivers, especially for those with sore backs, but they can also be heated to add warmth. These pads are popular among truck drivers who have to spend some nights tucked away in their truck’s cabin.

The pads are plugged into a lighter socket and help increase warmth and comfort without having to idle the engine. The 12V mattress pad won’t deplete the batteries if they are in good working condition.

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