The Importance of Truck Maintenance Schedules

Truck Maintenance

Maintenance of a fleet of commercial trucks is of the utmost importance in a transportation company. Both company fleets and driver-owned trucks experience neglect due to scheduling conflicts and increased demand for transporting products and services. However, any time spent repairing a truck and keeping up with regular maintenance far outweighs the potential for costly, long-term, and potentially life-threatening damage posed by trucks that lack regular maintenance. This article explores the different maintenance options trucking companies should pursue to keep their fleets running smoothly, the impact lack of truck maintenance has on insurance premiums, and everyone’s overall safety on the road.

Fewer Breakdowns

Ongoing commercial truck maintenance limits the number of truck breakdowns. Unexpected time spent off the road significantly offsets time spent performing maintenance on a fleet. Breakdowns produce disruptions in a fleet’s operations schedule, causing shipments to fall off schedule. After a fleet manager or a trucker identifies an issue, such as wiring or tires, it needs to be taken care of immediately to reduce the possibility that it could lead to a sidelining of some kind for the truck.

Increase Trucking Safety

More than 500,000 trucking accidents occur per year. Although passenger vehicle drivers contribute to this number, commercial trucks’ poor condition also plays a significant role. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule helps prevent unexpected accidents.

For instance, brakes should be examined regularly and well maintained. Waiting to investigate brakes until squeaking, whining, or grinding starts renders the truck dangerous. Performing routine maintenance boosts the integrity of the truck and the safety of the truckers inside, and the commuters who share the road with them.

Reduced Operating Costs

Reducing the number of significant repairs needed is an essential part of cutting back on operation costs. Maintained commercial trucks, operating at their best functionality, also lowers both fuel expenses and trucking insurance premiums. Regular maintenance and installation of newer trucking equipment affect the insurer’s premium rate decision as trucks in need of constant repair mean more liability on the road.

For fuel costs, which run a company around $60,000 per year per truck, proper maintenance can lead to more fuel efficiency. Well maintained and finely tuned engines use fuel more efficiently than engines with issues like plugged injectors and clogged air filters. Companies that regularly maintain their trucks save a considerable amount of money on their fuel costs.

Planning and sticking to a regular trucking maintenance program leads to a higher quality trucking experience and improved productivity on the road.

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