What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Breakdowns?

What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Breakdowns?

If you’re on a family trip and your car pops a tire, it may be unfortunate and a little stressful, but it’s a relatively easy fix. If the family van breaks down, again, very unfortunate, but a tow truck can come out. But what if it’s you’re truck that’s hauling loads of cargo and you’re in the middle of a desert highway? This is the situation all trucking professionals dread.

Sometimes, even the most seasoned truck driver may be stuck on the side of the road with a major issue. While some truck breakdowns may be caused by mechanical errors, many of the common reasons for trouble can be caught early and even prevented. Here are some ideas as to what could be causing unwanted breakdowns.

Tire Trouble

When it comes to physical issues with your truck, tires are typically considered to be the most important components of any vehicle. A simple flat really isn’t that simple and can sideline a truck for hours. Tires are the leading cause of truck problems for drivers, making up around 50 percent of all roadside failures. These failures are related to under inflation, low tread depth or misaligned axles. Always make sure to have each of your tires inspected thoroughly before you hit the road and look for those issues.

Electrical System

This mechanical part of a truck can cause some serious issues down the road—literally. This system is made up primarily of the starter motor, alternator and battery. If even just one of these components fails to function properly, your truck can’t continue on. Signs of a malfunctioning system include things like dead batteries, dim or flickering lights, unusual smells and clicking sounds when the engine starts up.

Refrigerated Trailers

These trailers are important for hauling temperature-controlled freight, such as food and medicine. When this kind of trailer breaks down, repairs are needed quickly so the load that is being hauled is not damaged, because this could turn into a major financial issue. To avoid this, it’s important to monitor the trailer during transit and look for any in-cab signals that indicate the unit is not working the way it should. To protect against loss, trucking professionals should also haul truck insurance.

Truck insurance can come in many forms including commercial truck roadside assistance, which can provide the right coverage when your semi is stuck on the side of the road for a myriad of reasons. Truck insurance will not only provide things like towing and roadside repair, but it can also provide financial protection in the event of a loss.


Brake-related problems can lead to major accidents on the road and can involve passenger vehicles as well. A truck’s disc and drum brakes are exposed to consistent heat, pressure and friction, which means they wear down without the right maintenance.

Brake issues are usually related to things like air leaks, external corrosion and wear, and internal water contamination that causes airline freezing during the colder months.

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