What to Do if Your Truck Breaks Down Mid-Journey

What to Do if Your Truck Breaks Down Mid-Journey

For truck drivers, there are few things more frustrating than going through a breakdown on the road, especially in the winter. What’s more, truck drivers operate on a tight schedule, having to drop off and pick up their cargo, and try to get back home for some much-needed personal and family time. So, any form of breakdown is a huge wrench in their day-to-day.

If a breakdown happens, truck drivers and their cargo are put in a vulnerable and dangerous position. Depending on where they are stranded, they could be open prey for wildlife and thieves, as well as miles away and hours away from receiving any help.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take in order to limit your exposure on the side of the road, get your truck back up and running, and get the right help on time so you can get back on the open road.

Getting in Contact

It’s important to contact dispatch to let them know your location and send help if you need it or give you quick-fix tips to get you back up and on the road temporarily. Common breakdowns are usually related to faulty sending units or emissions equipment, and both require shop repair.

Keep your dispatcher informed of your status throughout the repair process so they can relay information to the customer. The dispatcher will also be able to help out with any instructions on what to do to fix your truck as waiting and repair times may be lengthy.

Another point of contact to reach out to is your truck insurance carrier, like Western Truck Insurance. Western’s roadside assistance coverage is designed to help truck drivers with breakdown problems. This is an inexpensive service option that can help save you thousands of dollars. From towing to flat repair to getting a simple jump-start, Western Truck Insurance’s commercial roadside assistance is a surefire way to get back on the road.

Staying Safe During a Breakdown

Being broken down on the road can be extremely dangerous for a number of reasons. Drivers and their trucks are exposed to speeding traffic in close range among other risks. One distracted driver behind the wheel of any vehicle can create a major hazard.

If you’re broken down on the road, it’s important to stay alert and be aware of the danger that nearby traffic poses and try to stay in your vehicle as much as you can during your waiting time.

If you start to feel your truck fail, pull over on the next off-ramp is possible, which can be much safer than having to wait on the shoulder. If you have to pull over on the shoulder, go for the widest spot possible. Turn flasher on and remember to keep an eye on your mirrors to monitor the traffic coming from behind you. If you’re able to rather than a hard power turn to the side, ease off the road.

When you’ve parked the truck and it’s safe to exit, carefully get out of the truck and set up your flares behind the truck in intervals of fifty feet. It also doesn’t hurt to tilt your hood to indicate more clearly that you’ve broken down.

If you’re able to, try to determine what the issue is and whether or not you can repair it on your own or patch it up until you get it into a nearby location with service. If the problem is something electronic, it will probably mean you need professional assistance to get you back up and running.

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