When You Need Commercial Equipment Insurance


Commercial equipment insurance is also known as contractors equipment insurance. It pays for theft or damage to contractors’ tools and equipment.

Commercial and residential property owners who own or lease equipment for construction projects need commercial equipment insurance.

A typical commercial equipment policy covers hand tools, power tools, and construction-related vehicles. Mobile items such as forklifts, backhoes, tools, padding, dollies, etc., are covered under a commercial equipment policy. The policy’s protection can extend beyond a contractor’s equipment to include employees’ tools, clothing, and borrowed equipment. Depending on the policy details, additional gear, including mobile offices and trailers, may also be included in the coverage or can be added at a later date.

Commercial Equipment Is Different from Commercial Property Insurance

It’s essential to know a commercial equipment policy is similar but different  in its coverage from standard commercial property insurance. For example, commercial property policies exclude coverage for contractors’ tools, which creates the need for commercial equipment insurance.

The conditions and needs for coverage of contractors’ equipment are varied and unique, which requires a specific and separate underwriting process than in a standard commercial property policy. Understanding these differences is why using a brokerage like Western Truck Insurance who are dedicated to your business model is advantageous to your business and bottom line.

Commercial equipment policies typically  cover:

Forklifts,  pallet jacks,  various handtools, freight packaging protections

Construction machinery like backhoes, graders,  dozers and conveyor systems.

The coverage may also include :

  • Total Loss due to theft or fire.

Theft-deterrent devices that prevent the unauthorized use of covered equipment.

  • Loss control services such as locksmiths and security guards.
  • Replacement cost coverage.
  • Coverage for replacement parts and labor costs for repairs.
  • A deductible for each item of covered equipment.

Western Truck Insurance is here to help you determine how to protect your business loss exposures. However, we know getting the right coverage is essential to you, which can be unclear because insurance policies use many similar terms to describe similar coverages.

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