Why Pollution Coverage is Necessary for Trucking Operations

Why Pollution Coverage is Necessary for Trucking Operations

Trucking companies that invest in a standard truck insurance policy may find adequate coverage against liability claims related to accidents and cargo, but typically don’t have protection against claims related to pollution. It’s no secret that semi trucks emit more pollutants the average car on the highway and some trucking companies have suffered having this exclusion.

With a sharper eye on the trucking industry and its impact on the environment, new players are coming into view to try to alter the impact of semi’s on the road, such as the electric Tesla semi. Regardless of emissions, trucking companies currently on the road today need to understand just how important pollution coverage is in a packaged insurance policy.


In 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency announced settlements with three major companies in regards to penalties for violating the state’s truck and bus regulation.

Diesel emissions from trucks are a large source of pollution, relating to health issues like asthma and cardiovascular effects in adults. Many heavy duty trucks are older vehicles and emit high amounts of pollutants. Totaling more than $200,000, the fines pointed out that the companies either failed to install particulate filters on their diesel trucks or failed to verify that trucks they hired for use complied with state rule.

Pollution Conditions

Even if trucking companies aren’t known for shipping hazardous cargo, such as waste, and instead known for trucking harmless natural materials, they have the potential to cause conditions related to pollution.

In recent years, the definition of pollutants has widened to include dirt and rocks. This is due to the Clean Water ACT (CWA) from federal environmental regulations, which put the term on those materials because they could possibly contaminate the water of a new area they’ve been shipped to. There are endorsements, such as MSC-90, that trucking companies can add to their current policies to make sure their inventory and business are safe.

Upset or Overturn

If an accident on the road involves a commercial vehicle that’s hauling hazardous or pollutant materials, this could spell trouble for the trucking company. If a tanker truck, for instance, is damaged in said accident, spilling some of its cargo (i.e. pollutants) on the road, there are costly repercussions associated with this. Property damage rates can skyrocket and repairs to vehicles can be another hindrance toward a commercial trucking company’s bottom line.

With the right coverage, your business can be safeguarded against environmental claims, cleanup costs, and claims of bodily injury or property damage.

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