Addressing & Preventing Trucking Crime (Part 1)

trucking crime

Trucking might not seem like a particularly dangerous job, but crimes targeting truckers may be on the rise in recent years. These crimes vary in nature from violent attacks to theft of cargo, and even the most safety-conscious driver can become a victim. That’s why it’s important to learn about crime prevention for truckers. Crime prevention strategies can help truckers become aware of potential threats and guard against them before a crime can occur. Consider the following common crimes targeting truckers as well as the best defenses truckers can use to prevent becoming a target.

Crimes Truckers Should Be Aware Of

The unfortunate truth is that there are many threats facing truckers out on the road. Crime is just one of them. Accidents, bad weather, and other unpredictable factors can pose obstacles to truckers. Crime, though, is one of the few threats that a trucker may be able to prevent. The first step to doing so is becoming aware of the crimes that you’re most likely to become a victim of. The following are four examples of criminal activity that often target truckers.

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft is one of the most common crimes that truckers must protect against. Drivers are often vulnerable to this crime when driving on public roads and resting at unsecured locations. Cargo theft involves capturing and stealing the contents of a truck’s cargo compartment, and it can happen in many ways. A truck may be hijacked by the thief, or more commonly, it may be broken into when the truck is at rest. In rare cases, a cargo theft may even take place when the truck is in motion.


Truckers might not immediately think of cybercrime when they imagine crimes that would affect them, but cybercrime is an increasing concern for several reasons. Cyber criminals are becoming savvy to the processes that power the trucking supply chain, and some cyber criminals may be able to hack into freight companies’ computer systems in order to aid cargo theft, redirect a driver, or engage in other criminal activity. Truckers should always confirm that directions come directly from their supervisor if there is any change of plan or rerouting.


Stowaways are most commonly associated with trains, but they’re often found in trucks, too. Stowaways may have no criminal intent beyond hitching a ride, but they’re still a threat to the safety and security of drivers and their cargo. If you discover a stowaway on your truck, you should remove them immediately and report them to the authorities for trespassing. In order to prevent stowaways, truckers should always inspect their cargo container before embarking on their route.

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