Addressing & Preventing Trucking Crime (Part 2)

trucking crime

Personal Attacks

Though uncommon, truckers are sometimes subject to personal attacks and muggings. These crimes are often committed with the intent to rob a trucker of their personal belongings, including any cash or valuables that they may have with them. When such crimes happen, they often take place at truck stops and other rest areas where a trucker may leave their cabin. It’s important to trust your instinct when you are outside your truck and keep an eye out for any individual who may seem to have questionable intent. Practice safety common sense to avoid becoming a target of an attack.

Crime Prevention Strategies for Truckers

So how can drivers prevent trucking crime? There are a few strategies you can implement to minimize the likelihood of becoming a victim. One of the first protections that truckers should invest in is truck insurance. Truck insurance can cover the costs of any of the aforementioned incidents and provide protection against liability for cargo theft and other losses. This is a great investment for truckers who want peace of mind when they’re on the road, and the following strategies can help you prevent crime from happening in the first place.

Always Secure Your Truck

Many crimes can be prevented by simply securing your truck properly. Always close and lock the cargo compartment, and always lock the cab compartment regardless of whether you’re inside or outside of your truck. In addition to securing your truck, you should seek out secure rest spots as often as possible, too. Stops that are well-lit and monitored are likely to deter criminal activity. Seek out rest stops that fit these criteria to ensure that you minimize your vulnerability to crime.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Even in the safest area, truckers should always be aware of their surroundings. If you aren’t paying attention, somebody can sneak up on you and target you for a crime before you’re even aware of their presence. Safety-savvy truckers always make note of the people around them and the nature of their surroundings. Furthermore, you should make note of any individuals who seem suspicious for any reason. This is useful for crime prevention, but it’s also just a common-sense practice for everyday safety regardless of whether you’re on the road or at home.

Maintain Consistent Communication

Communication is the trucker’s greatest asset. CB radios are still the staple of communication — and with good reason. You should utilize yours to stay in touch with dispatchers as well as fellow truckers on the road. Keep them updated on your location and progress so that your location is consistently documented. Alert them to any suspicious activity that may be indicative of potential criminal activity. Consistent communication is one of the most effective crime prevention strategies a trucker can utilize.

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