ATRI Looking to Collect Data on the Impact of Predatory Towing in Trucking Industry

The nonprofit research organization American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently issued a news release calling for motor carriers and drivers to complete a survey so it can analyze the impact of predatory towing in the trucking sector. The survey asks drivers and motor carriers about the most common types of predatory towing, what fees or … Continue reading “ATRI Looking to Collect Data on the Impact of Predatory Towing in Trucking Industry”

Truck Safety: Past Driving Behaviors Provide Insight into Future Accidents

There is a lot to be said about looking at someone’s past work performance to get an idea of how they will do in the future. This goes for any occupation, including transportation. Look at a previous driver’s performance and behaviors to gain insight into whether he or she is a potential risk for future … Continue reading “Truck Safety: Past Driving Behaviors Provide Insight into Future Accidents”

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Coverage

Does your trucking operation utilize a specific location where you bring in freight for ether warehousing, transloading, or just temporary storage in transit? Have you discussed this part of your operations with your insurance broker? Motor Truck Cargo Insurance What you may not know is that your motor truck cargo insurance policy likely will NOT … Continue reading “Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Coverage”

When You Need Commercial Equipment Insurance

Commercial equipment insurance is also known as contractors equipment insurance. It pays for theft or damage to contractors’ tools and equipment. Commercial and residential property owners who own or lease equipment for construction projects need commercial equipment insurance. A typical commercial equipment policy covers hand tools, power tools, and construction-related vehicles. Mobile items such as … Continue reading “When You Need Commercial Equipment Insurance”

What to Do When Your Semi-Truck Breaks Down on the Side of the Road

Semi-truck breakdowns occur more frequently than passenger vehicles. For example, American Trucking Association‘s (ATA) Technology & Maintenance Council’s survey reported breakdowns to occur about every 10,000 miles. Semi-truck breakdowns for truckers are costly and potentially dangerous events. Drivers must know how to handle them among the many hazardous scenarios they encounter on the road. Semi-Truck … Continue reading “What to Do When Your Semi-Truck Breaks Down on the Side of the Road”

What Truckers Need to Know About Operation Safe Driver Week

Operation safe driver week is almost here, and it will be an informative event about commercial truck safety. Large trucks contributed to 107,000 crashes that resulted in injuries in 2020, with 4,842 deaths. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance created Operation Safe Driver Week to improve the driving behaviors of commercial and passenger vehicle drivers. The program accomplishes … Continue reading “What Truckers Need to Know About Operation Safe Driver Week”

Soaring Prices Leave Owner-Operators with Tough Choices.

Soaring prices across all avenues have left the trucking industry with plenty of decisions to make about cost-cutting. The trucking industry carries the weight of the country’s infrastructure and supply chain. It has traditionally consisted of large transportation companies, logistics businesses, and smaller owner-operators. Unfortunately, the industry is vulnerable to particular challenges, not the least … Continue reading “Soaring Prices Leave Owner-Operators with Tough Choices.”

Fatality Wrecks with Big Rigs Up 13%

An accident is the worst possible outcome for a truck driver, and fatality wrecks are every trucker’s nightmare. Unfortunately, research reveals that big rig collisions that result in death have risen sharply in recent years. Specifically, the National Highway Safety Traffic Safety Administration reports that semi-truck fatality wrecks are up by 13%. This alarming statistic … Continue reading “Fatality Wrecks with Big Rigs Up 13%”

General Advises Supreme Court Reject Review of AB-5

There has been plenty of discussions about a proper review of AB-5 and what the law entails for gig workers. The bill that the legislature passed in 2019 has made plenty of waves throughout the gig industry. You may think of musicians when you hear the word “gig,”.   However, this term describes a type of … Continue reading “General Advises Supreme Court Reject Review of AB-5”

Limiting the Speed for Truckers

Truck speed is something the trucking industry has dealt with for the longest time, and safety has always been an issue. Safety should always be the first thing a trucker focuses on. Ultimately, speed is indisputably one of the essential components of safety. Research reveals that semi-truck speeding increases the risk of accidents involving severe injuries and … Continue reading “Limiting the Speed for Truckers”