How to Safely Load and Unload Truck Cargo to Prevent Injury

Transporting trucking loads comes with many risks. From highway accidents to lost or damaged goods, there are a number of unique liabilities that can present themselves at any moment during transportation. But what about before or between shipments, such as during loading and unloading freight from trucks?

Workers loading or unloading cargo are exposed to serious risk and danger when working on trucks. Heavy or awkward objects can present a problem and a hazard to the overall well-being of those who work on trucks, creating additional risks for working in the industry. But there are a number of ways in which these issues can be avoided to keep safety a top priority. Here are some tips to stay safe during loading and unloading cargo.

Understand Proper Lift and Load Techniques

It’s a good rule of thumb to brush up on lifting and loading techniques at regular intervals. Moving cargo is more than just picking up and putting down, and it pays to give employees a refresher on the right way to work with heavy objects. Using proper technique in the workplace can help to prevent and limit accidents and injuries, and keep liability low.

Companies should also invest in the right truck insurance that will help with protecting their reputation, finances, and overall business during times of liability claims. There are a number of truck insurance solutions that can help to keep businesses safe in the event of injury to employees and cargo with occupational insurance coverage as well as cargo insurance to supply the right coverage for both employees and cargo, respectively.

Be Aware of the Loading Zone

Employees working on loading and/or unloading trucks should be aware of their surroundings, first and foremost. If a truck is backing up, staff should move away from the loading zone as it is very hard for the driver to see behind them and could easily back into anyone in their way. Loaders and unloaders should wait until the truck has come to a full stop before getting into the work area.

Secure All Loads Properly

Before a load is pulled down, they should be checked to see if they are all secure. If they are not, it could lead to broken objects in the truck, creating a lot of safety hazards during unloading. Employees should make sure their loads are secure by using load bars, vertical support systems, and road straps.

Mind the Gaps

When loading and unloading occurs, it can be difficult to see exactly where it’s safe to step and move around. If there’s a gap or drop off point in any place, it’s more than likely to not be detected, creating a risk of falling and getting injured. All gaps need to be sought out and protected against before loading and unloading happens so all employees can work confidently and safely.

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