The Fundamentals of Dump Truck Insurance

Every year there are about 4,000 deaths as a result of large trucks being involved in accidents on the road in America. The risk is high for truck drivers as they drive across the highways every day, and it’s even riskier for dump truck drivers as their vehicles are less agile than cars around them. Damage can be high and the risk of fatality or injury can rise.

A Dump Truck Insurance policy is a specialized type of policy for commercial vehicles that helps protect drivers or owner-operators against truck accident liability as well as provide supplemental coverages to protect against financial exposure. Let’s go over the basics of this kind of insurance and look at its benefits.

Dump Truck Insurance: Is It Required?

In each state there’s a different minimum required limit for liability coverage. This specialized coverage typically comes with separate minimum required limits for bodily injury liability and property damage liability. All trucks are required to carry commercial dump truck insurance that meets the state-required minimum coverage limits for bodily injury liability as well as liability for physical damage to property.

Sometimes, primary liability insurance coverage is provided by the motor carrier. In other cases, a truck driver may be required to purchase coverage for liability. The benefit of having insurance for dump trucks is that it includes the costs of repairing any damage to a dump truck or medical expenses for driver injuries.

What’s Covered?

Having dump truck insurance is like having peace of mind behind the wheel and on the road. Liability insurance is at the center of every policy, providing coverage for bodily injury liability and property damage liability due to accidents involving trucks. Additionally, other causes like fire, theft, and other risks can be covered under dump truck insurance. Again, these policy coverages can vary by state, but more options can include medical payments or personal injury protection.

Here’s a list of available coverages:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Medical payments
  • Property damage liability
  • Collision damage
  • Business interruption
  • Workers’ Compensation and/or Occupational Accident Injury
  • And more

How Much Does This All Cost?

By now you can see the value that dump truck insurance provides drivers. When it comes to overall charges, once again, this can vary by state. Additionally, there are other factors that play a role in what the overall cost is. Things like claims history, driving record, and other relevant considerations are looked at when inquiring about a new policy.

Dump truck insurance policies can be tailored to your needs and a good insurance agent will be able to craft the package that’s fit for you. The dump truck business is growing and evolving, and policies are also changing in the same way. Make sure to discuss your liability coverage limits with an agent and go over things like minimum requirements by your state.

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