The Biggest Reasons Why Truck Drivers Quit

The Biggest Reasons Why Truck Drivers Quit

The trucking industry is in the middle of big upheaval. With the advent of sophisticated technology, such as autonomous trucks and a focus on data, truck drivers are finding their roles changing at a rapid rate. In fact, the industry is already in the middle of huge changes in the turnover of trucking professionals creating the need to fill vacant and soon-to-be vacant roles.

As the older generation of truck drivers begin to retire the American Trucking Association puts the number of truck drivers needed in the next few years between 60,000 upwards of 100,000. But even without the phasing out of one generation and the boost in tech-driven trucks, the industry still sees a great deal of its drivers quit due to a number of avoidable reasons.

Here are some reasons why truck drivers tend to call it quits.

Money Issues

Pay is always a huge problem in the trucking industry. Drivers can see crazy schedules keeping them up long hours and away from home for days or even weeks at a time depending on their routes. One thing that makes this kind of life worth it is a decent wage, but some drivers find that that may not be enough. A driver can never fully tell what they’ll make week-to-week, which only adds more stress to an already stressful job.

More Time at Home

Piggybacking off the previous notes, drivers can end up being away from their loved ones for longer than they want to. While being away for a certain amount of time is in the job description, it can take a toll on a driver’s home life and road life. Trucking companies can help by accommodating home life schedules or time off requests that allow for more agreeable time off.

Lack of Insurance for Drivers

Commercial truck insurance plays a role on both sides of the coin; for both the trucker and the company they work for. Having the proper commercial truck insurance can provide the financial protection a company needs when an incident occurs on the road or a when a claim is made by a professional driver. When a company doesn’t invest properly in commercial truck insurance it may signal the driver that management is not looking out for the well-being of everyone in the operation.


Many drivers walk away from their job because they feel let down by management, and not appreciated enough for the grueling job they do every day. Drivers want to know what’s expected of them, to see growth in the company they work for, and how it affects their future. To address this issue, companies and leaders need to deliver on their promises and commitments. Communication is huge and should be a major component of the daily operations side of a trucking company to keep transparency and support open and fluid.

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