The Most Common Causes of Truck Insurance Claims

The Most Common Causes of Truck Insurance Claims

Trucking companies put a lot on the line when their drivers are out on the road. Not only are there logistical matters to tend to, such as getting orders delivered in full and on time, but there are safety concerns to keep in mind. There are a number of reasons why things might not go according to plan for every freight assignment, which is why truck insurance options are there for trucking companies looking to keep their operations financially supported.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), upwards of 475,000 crashes involving large commercial vehicles in the United States each year. This leads to costly losses that can do damage against a trucking company’s reputation and overall business growth. That’s why trucking liability insurance is a mandatory item, and that’s why it’s important to know the major causes of truck insurance claims.

Vehicle Breakdown

It’s every truck driver’s nightmare—being stranded on the side of the road with no help in sight. From flat tires to overheating to issues with brakes, there is a host of issues that can leave a commercial truck in the lurch.

For the latter, the FMCSA put out a study about brake-related issues. What the study found was that brakes have accounted for 29 percent of semi-truck accidents. A truck’s disc and drum brakes are exposed to consistent heat, pressure and friction, which, combined, cause wear and tear, especially without regular maintenance.

Driver Error

Truck drivers are just like regular commuters in that they have the same kinds of distractions when they’re behind the wheel. But it can be argued that they have it worse because of many other factors and things to consider.

If a truck driver is hauling freight too fast, it takes longer to slow down, which can lead to an accident. There are also recognition errors to consider, such as driver distraction, or performance issues that include overcompensating on the road while trying to make turns.

Loss & Damage

No matter what a truck driver carries on board, it’s all precious cargo. Whether it’s automobiles, electronics, or stuffed animals, all products on a truck have value to their owner. When a loss happens, this can cause a major worry for a client and bring about truck insurance claims that a trucking company doesn’t look forward to dealing with.

When a load is lost, the freight on the original bill of lading doesn’t make it to its destination. Or when something is damaged, it’s an issue related to the overall integrity of the products onboard. If there’s anything out of order or a problem with delivery, a trucking company can see major claims made against them.

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