The Best Things for Truck Drivers to Do on Their Breaks

What Are the Best Things for Truck Drivers to Do on Their Breaks

It’s not surprising to say that truck drivers spend a lot of time behind the wheel and feel the effects of long hauls and time away from home. Some spend up to 80 hours a week hauling freight from here to there by getting up early to beat the sun and get a head start on the road. So, it’s also easy to say that trucking professional value their breaks.

But with all that time on the road they may feel drained and not encouraged to do more than rest up, which is probably the most important thing in terms of driver health. In fact, truck insurance plans have been accessed by companies needing financial support following incidents related to driver health.

It should also be encouraged that drivers find a nice middle ground and stay active by keeping the mind and body as active as possible. Here are some of the different ways in which truck drivers can make the most of their breaks while still sticking to a schedule.

Yoga and Fitness

When it comes to the body, pulling long hauls can be taxing. Back stiffness, leg soreness and more issues can arise over time and take a toll on a trucker’s overall health. One way this can be alleviated is to swan dive into a daily dose of downward dog. Even 10 minutes of stretching and challenging your body to try new stretch positions can help to increase flexibility, bone density and breathing ability. Drivers should be encouraged to take 10-15 minutes a day to try yoga and make sure they’re as loose as possible, especially in between long stops.

Another way to keep as fit as possible is to incorporate other fitness options. While it may not be possible to haul your own weightlifting equipment there are things like less-heavy dumbbells you can store aboard. If you’re wanting to stay away from bulking up there are cardio-based workouts that can boost a healthy heart, such as running, long walks, and high intensity interval training workouts that are short and impactful.

Staying Knowledgeable

Thirty minutes of rest time can also be 30 minutes of study time or getting in touch with the latest news. Taking even a short break to get plugged in to learning about a new subject or getting up to date on things going on in sports or political news can help to keep the mind moving.

Have you been pushing off reading that spy thriller or latest issue of a favorite magazine? This is the perfect time to read up and stay informed.

Healthy Eating

Eating options while on the road aren’t always the healthiest and with limited time to rest getting something quick and easy may be the only choice. But drivers can also find ways to incorporate healthy eating with limited time and resources.

Drivers can get access to ideas on quick, easy-to-prepare meals that they can make right in their cabins. Limited time doesn’t have to translate to only things like fast food or fatty snacks. From fruits to smoothies, nuts to easy salads, truck drivers can learn take their breaks to learn how to cook some new meals.

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